January 31, 2008

Great Storage Item

I am sure that many of you can relate to this. As a crafter, I can never have enough room to store all of my many materials. As you can see from the pictures below, I have about four projects going on right now, which is not unusual. I find that I mostly work on the floor. As soon as you walk in the door to my craft room, you can hardly move. There is an area where my big butt is placed, and all around me are the materials that I am usuing.

I am not trying to advertise for any stores, but I had to share what I found. While on one of my many adventures in Walgreens, I found a great item. Right where you can find sewing supplies, bathroom and wall hangers, etc. I found this three pack of folding cubes. They are made of fabric and only cost $5.00. They have them in brown and white and I just love them.

I wasn't sure if I would use them at first, but then I had to buy another package of them. I have seen similar ones in other stores to put into a storage shelf with cubes that cost a lot more.

These mesure about 8 1/2 square for the small, medium is about 9 inches, and the larger one is about 12 inches. It is nice to have them to put similar items in for different projects, to store items I am done using to put away, etc. etc. I have my Etsy packaging, business cards, bags, etc. in one and was able to just grab it to take to my mother's home to show her the items I use in my shop (she just opened one of her own). These are very durable and can be folded up when you are done with it.

Just seemed like a great, inexpensive item that many of you could find useful as well. Hope this helps someone in blog land with their organization!

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