December 20, 2007

Look What I Got In The Mail Today!

I was so excited when I checked my mailbox today and found that I had received a card from my good friend Carolyn. Included was this adorable Santa that she made and I was lucky enough to get all for myself. There are so many little details, like the buttons and shimmery accents. Yes, a great addition to my Santas, but also something from someone who gives back to me every day by just being a good friend. I love to blog, and I love the messages from all who leave them, but to get a tangible item in the mail, a little note, etc. is just so special. It is something that both sender and recipient have held in their hands and shared. That is just very special to me.

Carolyn even paid attention to the little details. Look at the back of this beautiful Santa. It is lined with sheet music, one of my favorite items. I just love it and I actually got a little teary.

I was even excited to get this card from Carolyn. When I lived in the UK, I loved buying greeting cards. They are so unique and different from the ones that we have here in the states. I love this card. It is especially special to me because my favorite bird is the British Robin. Look at all those precious robins. So much smaller then the American Robin and just so spunky. I just love the little things.

I look for images of British Robins on the Internet ALL of the time. I even have an instant email sent to me from Ebay if one is listed. I did get some tiny cigarette cards from long ago, because one of the cards was my little favorite British Robin.

This card is adorable. And it is special because it is from someone who is very dear to me that I truly enjoy having in my life.

Thank you so much for the smile you put on my face and the joy you put in my heart today Carolyn!


Carolyn said...

Rhonda !

Glad it got to you !! ;o)

I thought another little santa wouldn`t go a miss !! And thought it was perfect for you my friend .
I hope you didn`t cry too much ! :o)
I know it has a good home and it will be loved so much by you Rhonda

So where are you putting it then ?

Love and (( hugs ))

Sherry said...

Carolyn has the ability to read into a person's personality, to tap into what they love and who they are. Generosity is her middle name!!!

Lovely, lovely Santa and the card is adorable!!

Rhonda, wishing you and your family a very special Christmas filled with love, laughter and magic!


Abbie said...

Little treasures from the heart are the best!
:) Abbie