June 29, 2019

The "Tutti-Frutti" Book

I love how the monthly kits over at Alpha Stamps can inspire you into directions that you never considered before. I love it even more when my project all seems to flow together with vintage goodies that I have collected over the years.

This past weekend, I just happened to come across this photo of Carmen Miranda while out treasure hunting and scooped it up because it was calling to me. Now I know why. Look at all of these fruit yummies! 

I was suddenly hearing Carmen singing in my head as I began to create this cute vintage fruit 3x4 Tabbed Book. It is included in the July Kit along with these tasty Fruit Paradise 6x6 Papers.  

Above you can see one of three pockets sized to fit the book, also available to purchase. They are sold as a set. This one has a pocket half way down the front and back of the page. The others can be seen below, one with a slot at the very top and one with a slot on the side.

Is it just me, or do these little lemon slices make you thirsty? There are several Polymer Clay Canes to choose from at Alpha Stamps, but for this project I used lemon, orange, and lime. Just use a blade and cut some slices!

I'm constantly creating journals with old pages and ephemera. I had the lucky find of several shabby vintage children's encyclopedias. The paper is thick, takes paint well and is full of interesting illustrations and diagrams. Each book was only .99 cents from a local thrift store!

Here is an example of vintage goodies and the flow of a fun project coming together. All of these trims came from my mother's and grandmother's collections. They worked perfectly!

Strawberry Resin Cabs and Acrylic Leaves in two shades of green. 

 Yes, I do have a collection of vintage postage stamps. But these did not come from it. These stamps came form the new Fruit Postage Stamps Half Sheet.

For this side pocket page, I actually used modeling paste along with torn pieces of this included cherry patterned paper. I love how the modeling paste makes textured peeks. It reminds me of an old country house with torn wall paper.

How about my mini 1896 catalogue full of vintage encyclopedia pages with info about various fruits. I think it's a nice little touch.

Lastly, a vintage fruit earring that I have had for years. I like the resin fruits from Alpha Stamps better, but couldn't pass up the chance to use it. Gotta get enough servings of fruit each day ya know!

20mm Resin Orange Slice

I hope you have enjoyed my, as Carmen Miranda would say, "tutti-frutti" Tabbed Book! Thanks for stopping by!


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