September 29, 2018

Welcome To My Haunted House

Yes, yes, it is that time again. My FaVoRiTe time of year for creating! How about we start with this creepy Haunted House Book. And pretty much everything can be found at over at Alpha Stamps but better yet, the newest kit called, "Nightfall Haunted House ".

Vintage doll parts are a fav, like these eyes glaring through the windows on this house. These baby blues came from my personal collection and are on the collage sheet Creepy Dolls. When I use one of my doll's  images, they giggle from my studio with delight! It used to freak my family out, but they are used to it now. But not the dogs. They run and hide when the dolls make noise.

Decisions, decisions. Which image should I use beneath my many cabochons? This Halloween Pendants Collage Sheet gives me so many options!

I have lots of round and oval cabochons, but not rectangular. These are a wonderful addition to create with and you can even get these rectangular frames that fit around nicely. I painted these a deep orange and then used a white gel pen to add some depth and detail. 

For those of you who have trouble deciding for yourself, how about one of these pre made cabachons. Both come in the new Nightfall Haunted House Kit. 

The Nightfall Kit comes with paper from the 6x6 Nightfall pad. If you are like me, you like the paper in the larger 12x12 size as well. The larger sized pad comes with this spooky sheet of stickers that I could not resist using.

She sees you when you're sleeping, she knows when you're awake. 

To make the Mini Haunted House Chipboard Set into a book, simply punch two holes into each page and tie off with some ribbon, twine, or even wire. Be sure to measure so that you place the holes in the same location on each "page".

I hope you feel inspired and enjoy this festive yet spooky season! Thanks for visiting!


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