December 29, 2019

Elukkig Nieuwjaar

My main focus for 2020 is to learn French and to focus more on my vintage Parisian treasures. I keep many of them safe in boxes, but for this new decade, I plan on using those treasures in my work. And if all goes as planned, I will be visiting France in the months to come and finding even more to bring back home. 

Even though "Elukkig Nieuwjaar" is Dutch, it is still a wonderful image that you too can use, along with several other vintage images from the Alpha Stamps Collage Sheet titled Bonne Annee. I think it looks fabulous! All I did was layer the image onto some paper, added some vintage silver glass glitter, Twinklets Diamond Dust and an embellished piece from this Small Chipboard Victorian Wall Shelf, and this gorgeous little welcome to the New Year was complete.

Oh, and I can't forget the vintage rhinestone pin. One stone was missing, but I just added a little glitter and Diamond Dust to it and you can't even tell. My many vintage pieces of bling are another item I need to quit hoarding, and start enjoying.

I hope you enjoy it as well. 
Elukkig Nieuwjaar, Bonne Annee, and Happy New Year


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