August 3, 2019

My Own Little Paradise

When I see the image of this lovely lady, relaxing in her garden with her plants and chickens, she just seems to be in her own little paradise.  I feel that way in my back garden, spending the morning admiring the tall trees on my back hill.  It really is utter bliss.

The August Tunnel Book Kit over at Alpha Stamps gives you the chance to make a tunnel book of your own paradise, but I used the same pages to make an accordion tunnel. Below, I share pictures and describe exactly how I did it.

For the back of my accordion tunnel, I wanted to use a second "iron grate" to tie the front and back to one another. I thought of it like the back entrance to a beautiful old home.. This view reminds me of many of the homes in Charleston, SC. 

Now on to how I made an accordion tunnel.

I knew that I would need three parts to my accordion fold, to fit in between each of the four pages. Since the paper I used was exactly six inches wide, all I needed to do was mark each inch on both the top and bottom of the page. This way I could evenly fold the paper into an accordion. I used a scoring tool to etch a line the length of the page between each pencil mark that I made. That made it simple to fold.

I always like for both sides of my projects to look complete, so I folded up another pair of papers to be the back of my accordion fold. Then I used adhesive tape to attach the scored papers together and trimmed at an angle.

As I completed each of the decorated pages, I applied a thin bit of liquid glue to the side edges and slid into place in the accordion fold.

Finally, I applied more liquid glue onto the very last section of my accordion fold and attached the back page.

I wanted each page of my tunnel to contain one item to appear as if it were dimensional, so using  the Rustic Trees and Foliage Collage Sheet worked out perfectly. I had lots of items to choose from.

We all deserve to have the look of bliss on our face. I hope you have found some today and that I have inspired you to make a little something for yourself. Thanks for stopping by!


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