January 23, 2017

Do you see what you love? Or is it hidden away?

I was once so good about posting on my blog. She has grown neglected. It's one of those little voices in the back of your head "come tend to me" but life's responsibilities get in the way. I was playing around with backgrounds over the Holidays and wondered how long it had been since I did that, played on just the appearance of my blog. I used to have so many readers and comments, but more importantly heard how I had inspired someone to develop "me time" and loose themselves in a project. So here is a new start for 2017......

A favorite wall, a rectangular area, and a collection of favorite things. I love all things French, tea stained, red ticking, and vintage finds. A canvas created years ago, and not imitation, but real photos, mother of pearl buttons, black haired Charlotte dolls, and more gathered for one to look at and imagine how the world was when that item came to be. 

Favorite items from friends, past swaps, and things I learned to create. Beautiful tags from Character Construction tag swaps, sewn hearts from friends, Parisian Souvenirs (thanks again Terry) and vintage pocket watches, ornaments and metal hardware.

It's like an Eye Spy book, can you find, 13 vintage photos, 4 dolls with no arms, 1 wallet, 4 paper dolls, 2 children's toys, 7 black buttons, 1 lovely jewel, 2 beaks, 1 embroidered "P", 7 Eiffel Towers,  1 vintage lock & key.

And of course there are bits of vintage French ledger pages and books. It wouldn't say "Rhonda" otherwise!

In case you can't count but can read the actual number, how many dolls are there?

That was one of my first Alpha Stamps projects below, wow!

Something old (my father's baptism gown), something new (a gorgeous tag), something borrowed (the space that belongs to my wall) and something blue (does robin's egg blue paint count).

So, leave me a comment and let me know what room of my house you think this is? Maybe I can get my audience back and start doing give aways again!

Hope you're inspired and thanks for stopping by!


Cathy said...

Lovely! You really inspired me today. It really warms my heart to see one of my Character Constructions Paper Dolls among your treasures. Many of your Paper Dolls are among my treasures as well!
With much love,
Your Art Sister,

Connie said...

Dear friend it could be any room, but for the sake of boldness, I say the living room. I'm sure that your friends and family love looking at all your favorite things and that they inspire some wonderful conversations. Great post and I want to encourage you to jump back into the posting regular habit. We love reading your posts :)
Have a lovely week.
Connie :)

suzeeez said...

I love your wall ...Thanks for sharing and welcome back . I too am trying to get my blog going again ....I've been so caught up in the Facebook world but have been missing my blogger world more. - Sue