July 16, 2016

Beach Babes and Shots For All

Ahhhh, summertime! I think back to my younger years, hangin on the beach in my bikini, red solo cup in one hand and a bottle of sun tan oil in the other. Carefree, no responsibilities, hot guys, sun and waves. One particular summer with the girls, a visit to a hotel bar for drinks and burgers. It was so hot that day, but we had no cares. Remember days like that?

This is Bertha's Beach Bar and they have the BEST bartenders (also known as the BBBBBB, that extra "B" can stand for whatever you like)! They know how to make a drink and they make it gooooood. Know what I mean? This chick behind the bar is Tequilla Tara and she can drink any man under the table.

If tequila isn't your thing, they also have an awesome selection of cold brew and you can even get it served in an ice cold mug, just the way I like it. 

Grab a beach chair, relax, soak up some rays and try to stay in a place where you will at least remember what happened!

Unlike this girl!!! Jeez, when they yelled "Get a room" they didn't mean the employee closet at Bertha's Beach Bar!

And of course you HAVE to meet Bertha! She makes an award winning martini and will give you as many olives as you like! Mmmmmm Mmmmmmm

EEEkkkkk, a giant vicious doggy!! Not really, that's just my rescued baby Antoinette. This pic was just too cute not to post. Grrrrrr 

Thanks for stoppin and enjoy the rest of your summer!


Supplies Used:

Amber Resin Beer Bottle  Amber Resin Beer Bottle
 Bathing Beauties #2 (Tracy Roos) Collage Sheet  Bathing Beauties #2 (Tracy Roos) Collage Sheet
 Beauties by the Sea Collage Sheet  Beauties by the Sea Collage Sheet
 Cabana Row House Set  Cabana Row House Set
 Cocktail Umbrellas  Cocktail Umbrellas
 Distress Paints - Abandoned Coral  Distress Paints - Abandoned Coral
 Distress Paints - Broken China  Distress Paints - Broken China
 Distress Paints - Cracked Pistachio  Distress Paints - Cracked Pistachio
 Distress Paints - Mermaid Lagoon  Distress Paints - Mermaid Lagoon
 French Riviera 8x8 Paper Pad  French Riviera 8x8 Paper Pad
 Lindys Stamp Gang - Little Lindy Kits - Pink  Lindys Stamp Gang - Little Lindy Kits - Pink
 Lindys Stamp Gang Starburst Sprays - Industrial Chic Set  Lindys Stamp Gang Starburst Sprays - Industrial Chic Set
 Liquid Pearls - Platinum*  Liquid Pearls - Platinum*
 Liquid Pearls - White Opal*  Liquid Pearls - White Opal*
 Mini Cocktail Shaker  Mini Cocktail Shaker
 Miniature Martini  Miniature Martini
 Miniature Tequila Bottle  Miniature Tequila Bottle
 Miniature White Beach Chairs  Miniature White Beach Chairs
 Polymer Clay Lime Cane  Polymer Clay Lime Cane
 Seaside Decor & Beach Umbrellas  Seaside Decor & Beach Umbrellas
 Seaside Doors & Windows Set  Seaside Doors & Windows Set
 The Fourth of July Collage Sheet  The Fourth of July Collage Sheet
 Vintage Beach Cabanas Kit - July 2016  Vintage Beach Cabanas Kit - July 2016

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