August 29, 2015

Welcome To My Laboratory

This months Alpha Stamps Cemetery Kit is just too fun, especially if you like to create dark art at times like me! My father always asks me how I come up with these things in my head, but I don't know the answer. It's like this outpouring of ideas that flows out of my imagination and the pieces just all fall into place. I received a mini brain as a funny gift, and from there it all fell into place. I had the perfect doll, missing the top of her head and the brain fit in perfectly as if it were once a part of her making.

The Evil Doctor is wanting to bring his lady friend to life. With a few zombie corpses and the help of his 
Mini- Mes, he might just be successful. 

Some zombie parts are saved for later use and secret concoctions are always being developed for the purposes of the Evil Doctor. 

For the doctor's table, I used the wood drawer from the collage sheet Secret Spell Book Parts Two along with some matchsticks that I colored using Distress Stain. Very simple to make and some wonderful work space for the laboratory.

I used the same match sticks to mount a shelf onto the laboratory wall. It can make it difficult to get those spider webs out of the corners, but they too could prove to be of use in future experiments. 

After lots of my own experimenting, I finally found a way to attach my lights to make Mrs. Evil's eyes glow just right. I had to place them just so on the bottom of the glass eye and attached with my daughter's colorful duct tape.

The Evil Doctor is doing something right. She is almost good as new and then some.

It's time to add some ElEcTrIcItY. bzzzz bzzzzz bzzzzzz ZAP!  I have had these old porcelin parts for some time now and have used them in lots of projects. I find something, feel like it should be an addition to my own laboratory, and keep it for it's artful purpose when the time comes. 

Using these matchboxes was a great idea for helping to have the Dr. stand up. He kept passing out because of his passion for the Mrs' beauty. 

Adhering the Dr. to some card stock to make him extra sturdy, and leaving an inch or so of extra beneath his feet helps in creating his match box stand. 

All my childhood and teenage years were spent HATING my mother's dolls like the one above. I swear it was haunted, her eyes would follow you around the room and she creeped my friends and I out bad! Now I'm making my own with red glowing eyes. What is wrong with me????

Using these instant Tiny Little Coffin Boxes along with some red Clump Foliage for the coffin lining added a bold pop of color, don't you think? Unfortunatly the coffin was destroyed with an axe

I had an ATC Gothic Arch and after attaching some grave stones to it using the Churchyard Cemetery Collage Sheet, I attached this wonderful "iron" fence to create a creepy, barred window. 

The experiment is complete!

And they lived happily ever-after. The End


Sandy said...

Sandy xx

Miss Merricat said...

Love it! Wonderfully creepy!!