January 30, 2014

The Circus Is Coming To Town

What a wonderful way to start my year! I have always loved the stamps from Character Constructions. Everything Catherine Moore designs is just magical and charming. I fell in love with her Queen of Tarts (Marie Antoinette themed) collection but upon seeing other sets, I was hooked. I discovered a yahoo CC tag swap hosted by the amazing Cathy Arnold and have been in every tag swap since. You could make the ugliest tag ever, but if it has an image from Character Constructions it is nothing but beautiful. I'm totally serious!

One day, I saw a post on facebook where Catherine showed a sneak peak of her new stamp set Cirque. The second I saw it, the ideas started flowing through my mind. I contacted her and long story short, I am honored to be a new addition to her design team. Thank you so much Catherine!

I had made a paper-mache balloon over the summer with my kiddos and had recently painted it red and tan. But it just sat there waiting for a project. What a perfect way for a town to know that a beautiful circus is on it's way!

The Circus is Coming to Town!!!





I love the end result of my balloon!

Come back soon to see the other fun things I will be making with this stamp set and be sure to check out Character Constructions for this set and more.


Carol said...

The balloon is fabulous! How big is it?

Rhondamum said...

Thank you Carol! It's about 18 in. measuring the curve from top to bottom. Thanks for stopping by! xoxo

Cathy said...

Fab! You Rock, Sister!!!!

your fan & friend,