June 18, 2011

I've Been Bitten

I've been bitten, by the Blythe bug! After seeing the one dressed as Marie Antoinette (see post a few down) I searched for a bit before I found her.  My Blythe, that I will eventually alter into Marie.  I have a lot to learn before I can do it, and need to find/make her the perfect gown as well.  I've always loved seeing the pictures that people take of their beloved Blythes.  Now I have jumped on board!

Be careful, or you might be bitten as well, lol!


Awishdream said...

Hi Rhonda! You have been bitten! ha! I love your dolly! I hope you have fun with her. Can't wait to see her Blossom into Marie!! :)

Rhonda said...

Oh, I love her, she is gorgeous! You will have a lot of fun dressing her.

I want to hear about the "other" dolls - did they arrive??