February 10, 2011

Le Bebe de Flottement Stupefiant !!!

I am really tired of sitting around the house, taking the time to heal.  I want to go to my favorite antique store SO BADLY that it is not even funny!  However, I have had the opportunity to finally get some art work done.  My studio is a mess from where I have had my hubby bring stuff out for me, and then it just stays there because I can't really put it away. 

Some time ago, when I found out I had to have surgery, I took this little dress form and cut the tummy out. It finally occurred to me that these little gals are hollow and I could maybe make something cool.  I just kept thinking of making something to say, "Just because I don't have my uterus anymore, doesn't mean I'm still not a woman".  I was really crushed and disturbed about the whole idea at first.  But with all of the other "stuff" that was going on, it all just had to be done.  I will be better in the long run.  In fact, I already am. 

I have been obsessed with the cool theater collage sheets from Alpha Stamps. I really felt that this gal needed to be made into a theater, so I went through my stash to find the one that would fit the best.  And of COURSE it is the "Theatre Francais". lol.  After looking through some goodies, I came across this cool little baby that I have had for a while now.  I don't remember where I got it though.  I know there are similar ones at Retro Cafe Art and keep thinking that I got it from Kristin, who is the owner.  She has such amazing, vintage dolls and I have spent a small fortune on her frozen Charlottes and her doll heads. 

So, I would now like to present.....

"Le Bebe de Flottement Stupefiant" 

"The Amazing Floating Baby"

My husband thinks I'm weird.  But he knew that long before he married me, lol.  I think it is cool as hell and LOVE how it turned out!

I had some other great embellishments from Alpha Stamps, like the center rose on the "theatres" neck.  It's from the set Je t'Adore Accoutrements and the wonderful Brass Shell Corners, which I just can't seem to get enough of!

Hope you can appreciate my sense of humor on this one.  I need to give the amazing baby a name now.  Any suggestions? 

Stay tuned.... I have this wonderful little house, all covered in vintage French ledger pages.  I just have to figure out what theme to go for.

May you have an amazing day and thanks for stopping by! xoxo


Terri Gordon said...

Hi Rhonda, This is wonderful. I love it. I think this is wonderful therapy for you. I love the theater theme, it is so beautiful. I also love your house, that beautiful french journal paper, is so beautiful. I can't wait to see what you do with it. It won't be long now and you will be back going to your favorite antique shops, it looks like you have lovely ones. Have a great evening my friend. Hugs, Terri

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

I think this is pretty cool, Rhonda and it's art that comes right from your heart. Being weird is a good thing!!! Your ledger paper house is so pretty. I'm looking forward to seeing what theme you'll come up with.
Hopefully you'll be fully recovered soon, so that you can get out and do all the fun things you would like to do.
HUGS to you,

debi said...

Oh Rhonda, it must be so fun inside your head! lol I love your dressform theatre baby! You're so creative!

Can't wait to see what you do with that pretty little house. It will be fun I know!

Wateringen said...

Dear Rhonda,

Your blog is so beautiful!
I love Marie-Antoinette and maybe you can take a look at my blog.

I follow your blog..it's fantastic!

Sweet greetings from Holland,


Cindy Adkins said...

This is brilliant Rhonda! And also, I think it is the artist speaking through the art in a most profound way...that's what it's all about and that's what reaches people.

MOLLYE said...

Well you could have a "Name the Babe" contest and give the piece to the winner! What...Oh I'm just kidding I know you couldn't part with it. What a funky and fun creation. Happy Valentine's Day and hope you're feeling so much better, Mollye. Very fun post.

Kim said...

Rhonda, this is so cool...and brilliant! Love everything about it. Happy Valentines Day!

Deirdra Doan said...

OK girl this is what I love about OWOH...finding people you love there work..gotta add you to my blog reader to keep up.
Blessing on your healing.
Deirdra Doan Blog

Kristin said...

This is FAB! And that little house is so great - can't wait to see what happens to it from here, xo

Carolyn said...

who would have thought to cut out part of the dressform !! i wouldn`t have ! it`s a fantastic piece of creative work Rhonda .. very original indeed !!I`m glad you`re getting some time to create now you`re on the recovery ;o)
thanks for popping by my blog too
love ya !

Lynn Stevens said...

Awesome Rhonda, I hope your feeling better! How sweet of your hubby to bring everything out to you!
Hugs Lynn