February 8, 2011

I Want These!

Oh how I would love to win the lottery, so that I could purchase one of these!  It would be perfect in my studio!  I love old cabinets like these.  They have so much character to them.  There are a few on ebay. Just look under spool or thread cabinet. And feel free to purchase one for me as a gift, if you like. LOL!


I waste too much time on ebay, looking at treasures I can't have.  Sniff, sniff.


Gail Thayer said...

You and me both! I've lusted after one of those spool cabinets for years, alas, the cost is always out of reach......I'm crying right along with you....:(

Terri Gordon said...

Oh Rhonda, Those are just beautiful, I would love those too. Have a wonderful week, hope you are feeling better. Hugs, Terri

Rella said...

I am part of that club...except I spend the time on Etsy. We can dream...right?

xox Rella

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

These are really awesome and I love them too, Rhonda. Maybe we should go and get some lottery tickets :-).
Hugs to you,

Queen of Dreamsz said...

Hi Rhonda,

I LOVE these cabinets..I can imagine how much the seller is wanting for them too!

Sniff, Sniff...where's the box of kleenex.

Stephanie ♥

Cindy Adkins said...

Wow, those are awesome!!! Maybe magically, one will appear when you least expect it at a garage sale or swap meet...would that be amazing? I'll think positive!!!

debi said...

Oh darn! Now you've got me thinking about those again! I LOVE them, and can only dream of one day owning one. I feel your pain! LOL

Thespa said...

Oh yes! I agree. So LOVE those and would swoon if I should find anything half so cool as those. Hugs! Thespa