February 22, 2011


I'm sick, my youngest is sick and I'm going stir crazy!  But I'm blessed to have doctors to go to and medicine to buy.  Hope none of you have this yuck going around where you live! 

If you are anything like me, you have loads of vintage favorite finds.  Have you ever found a moment, when you are looking for a particular theme, and find that you have so much more then you realized?  What collection do you have, that you don't even know that you have?

Here is a collection ...

This post is for my dear friend Terri from Designs by Terri Gordon.  She likes the number 7 too and we have made a habit of making jokes about it. You should pay her a visit.  She's an amazing gal!


debi said...

Great collection Rhonda! Why am I not surprised?!! lol

Rella said...

Oh, poor dear...sick after all you have been through. Big hugs xoxox

And I love this 7 post...it made me smile.

xox Rella

Mary Brockway said...

Feel better, Rhonda! Even when sick you find time to laugh, lol :)


Terri Gordon said...

Hi Rhonda7, Oh I hope you are feeling better, I remember getting sick from my kids, it's so hard not too. Oh how I love your number 7's, you have some wonderful 7's, I am so jealous. I hope you and Sophia are doing better. Love and Hugs, Terri