October 22, 2010

Gothic Arch Swap

Funny how I have a "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" approach with my art work. At times, I have Marie Antoinette all pink and sparkly. And then, I have my darker side that seems to be coming out more and more. "Mommy, why do you have skulls and spooky stuff all over your studio?" So this arch swap, hosted by the wonderful Terri Gordon, was perfect for me. I can create Marie, all "over the top" and make her creepy as well.

Muh, ha, ha! I'll get you! Thanks for another great swap Terri! Boo!


K said...

wow! what cool pieces of art!

Rhonda said...

She's beautiful and dark.

Goth Marie. I love it.

Jan scrap said...

Hey!...and why not dark and gothique??? It's the time of year for it, and I for one really like what you have created.

Kris Dickinson said...

I love them all but the one with the raven king is THE ONE! Oh I hope I hope I hope to get it, lol.

Fingers crossed!

xox Kris

Rella said...

I received #3......and the photo does not do it justice. You cannot see that is is dimensional. I love it so I do not want to put it away.

xox Rella