June 16, 2010

A Dream Vintage Find - Elizabeth

I have always wanted to have a vintage diary. One with age and the writings of a person's life from long ago. I have looked a few times on ebay with no luck but then I finally came across this gem. When I read the description (see below) I instantly fell in love with it and had to have it for my own. I was thrilled when I had the winning bid. It's so fragile, but I love reading about Elizabeth's life. To know she once held this and to think of what she was wearing and how the world was during her life. It even has her address. Wouldn't it be neat to find her home if I were in her area, which is a few hours drive from here?

(Images from ebay listing)

Here is the description:

This is a very old vintage diary from 1923, January and goes through December. there is some memorabilia in the book as well but not much, the latch is broke and the outer surface is very dusty and dirty, it comes off on your fingers and is flaking quite a bit but the pages are in tact and a great interesting thing to read. The person that wrote the diary seems to attended U.K and graduated in 1923. she attended several games, went to church, etc and kept a lot of record of her goings on in her life. She appears to have lived in Danville and possibly at the time in Lexington. It is a very neat old item.

Imagine how surprised I was when the seller let me know she had another one up for auction. This one is the journal of either Elizabeth or one of her relatives voyage on a boat that at some point was flooding with water. It also discusses her trip while in Europe. I can't wait to get it. I just won it a couple of hours ago, but it will be an exciting day when it arrives.

I will share more on it when I receive it and also show you the vintage brown velvet box with fringe that I keep the first one in. I found the box while shopping with my mom at our newest favorite local spot. It is full of the most amazing antiques and goodies.

Hope you win big today! And don't forget that this weekend is the second annual "Where Blogger's Create". I have been cleaning my studio like a mad woman! See you there!


Terri Gordon said...

Oh Rhonda, how exciting, I love old things like this. I am always amazed that some family member would not want this and treasure this. Have a great week and thanks for sharing. Hugs, Terri

Terri said...

Oh Rhonda, I totally hear your excitement and how much this means to you. I would feel the same. A journal is a window to the past of someones precious life. What a treasure you have! And another one too! Conratulations!
Thanks so much for sharing this.