May 8, 2010

Gathering Honey

Some of you may remember my post from a couple of years ago about our neighbors, the honey bees. You can see the post here, Crazy Household Adventures. Since that post, we had another queen make a hive further up in the same dead tree that used to stand between my house and my neighbor's (the people, not the bees). This past winter we went in half-sies and had the huge tree cut down. It was a happy moment, seeing how one limb fell on our car once and we feared it might send another one crashing down on one of our kids, but it was also a sad moment. It was time to say goodbye to all of the honeybees. My neighbor did find someone to come and collect the bees and after they were gone we were all able to take a peak inside of the tree and see some of the honeycomb that was left behind.

Below is a piece that I saved. I felt it was a little "heart" felt gift, left for me from the bees. It even had a taste of honey on it that yes, I did take a sample of. I thought this heart shaped piece would be good to use in some altered art one day. For now, it sits in a jar in my studio along with a couple of other pieces.

Now that the warm weather is here, I really miss seeing all of those bees flying about. Never once did they bother any of us. The tree was set back so no one was ever too close and you could hear them all buzzing about from within. Many magical moments, especially when the new queen gathered bees in my Cherry Willow two years ago. Unfortunately, the same men that cut down the tree also let another huge tree crash right through the middle of my favorite Cherry Willow. It cut it right in half but didn't hurt the trunk. It looks ridiculous from my neighbor's yard. Fortunately, it is still beautiful from my side, otherwise I would be shedding tears. Ugh!

Remember to find the little miracles in the gifts of nature.

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Rella said...

What a beautiful memory you have with this piece of the magic that the bees made. I love it!! Thank you for sharing this bit of loveliness with us.

xox Rella