April 22, 2010

Two of My Newest

Why am I so obsessed with something that used to terrify me?


Gerry said...

Blusher on your cheeks???

Debby said...

I don't know, but they are fabulous!

debi said...

LOL!! I know what you mean!

Terri said...

I understand! I do not like doll heads at all, unless they are attached to a body (lol).
But these two are quite special.
I hope you are well,
Terri (lynn)

Valerie said...

Okay. This gave a me a great laugh for the day. You don't need to explain a thing!

craftymarta said...

I love those china doll heads.For a while I did not like that kind but all the sudden they are the only kind of doll I really want. I blog about selling part of my collection and then wanting them again, sadly I could not replace them, it seems that they are quite popular again and pricey , even the frozen charlotte ones missing pieces. Blessings, Marta.