February 1, 2010

Snow and Ice

We had a lot of snow and ice over the weekend. Although it wasn't my dream snow, one with amazing sled riding results and more slush, it was still beautiful. But all of the slush turned into ice over night and left the world glistening as if covered by diamonds. It was really beautiful and I couldn't stop taking pictures here and there throughout my yard.

I snapped the picture at just the right time as this crow flew overhead singing, "Ca, ca, ca".

I went outside that morning, before I even had my first cup of coffee in my pj's, my husband's boots and my coat. Everything was so quiet, kind of like my heart is right now after loosing my dog last week. When the breeze came along, all of the branches would make beautiful clinking sounds. It was magical and very spiritual all at the same time.

One of the only other sounds that I heard was of this Nuthatch chirping along. I love their song.

This is the view out of my studio window. I love seeing all of the trees and dread the day someone purchases the piece of land across the street. It is beautiful in all seasons and one of the reasons I love the place I call home. I have to be surrounded by tall trees. It keeps my spirit peaceful.

Hope you found the magic in your day!

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Artyfax said...

Hi Rhonda, just visiting via PDA. these are beautiful photos. well composed and so sharp.