December 21, 2009

My Collection of German Doll Heads

This year has brought on my love of not only Frozen Charlotte dolls (which I posted about many moons ago) but also a love for German doll heads. It seems to be the thing I search for on those rare trips to my favorite shops. They can also be found on ebay, but many of these came form my friend Kristin's shop Retro Cafe Art. Seems like any time I have a sale in my etsy shop, I head over to her shop and purchase a few of these dear heads.

I have them displayed in my studio on the top of a large cubby storage system. The doll on the far right belonged to my great grandmother and now she has lots of friends.

I really like this part of the display because these crystals came from my Grandma Betty's chandelier from her old haunted house in Youngstown, NY. The home was part of the Underground Railroad and had several spirits walking about. Oh how I would love to visit that beautiful house. Maybe one day...

I love this little tiny one that I purchased from Kristen. It is less then an inch tall and she does a fabulous job with cutting them even so I can just stand her right up. Yes, in time I will use more in my art work like the one below, but for now I just like to look at them all and think of the story of where they came from.

I am currently finishing up a collage that I made for Cassandra's design team. It will fit in perfectly with my doll heads and I will share it with you soon.
Have a Merry Christmas and a fabulous holiday, whichever it may be that you celebrate.


Celestial Charms said...

This collection is most beautiful. I had never heard of them before, but I love their rosy cheeks. I especially like the family touch that you have added on from your Great Grandmother's original one. So sweet.
Have a lovely holiday to you and your family.

Tristan Robin said...

fab collection - and just a TAD scary LOL - dolls always do that to me!

Terri said...

What a collection!
Why are they called "frozen"?
I would love to see what you do with these.
Merry Christmas! said...

ohhhhhhh aaaahhhhhhh pretty!!!! xo Bryanna

Unknown said...

wooow nice blog.



Carolyn said...

Wow - you certainly have got quite a collection there Rhonda !!
there is so many possibilities in creating with them , if you want - or just to display like you have .

Wishing you all a happy christmas my BBFF !!
Miss ya
love and hugs across the pond


Retro Cafe' Art Gallery said...

Eeekkk!!! I'm in dollie overload!!! I just ADORE your display! and the one under the glass - awesome idea!!! And THANK You so much for the shout out!!! That is great. Do you think I could share a pic or two of your displays with credit on my blog? You know I loooove the dolls!!!!

P.S. I have a special lot of NEW vintage frozen CHARLIES that were uncovered in a warehouse on the way. They are New in Box from 1970, 12 inches tall and SOOOO cool! I can't wait to get them and list some on the site!!!

Retro Cafe' Art Gallery said...

Oh yes, and Merry Christmas!!!!! I spent the day in the hospital with my very sick aunt. Not very Merry :(.

Cathy said...

Ohhh! I am deep, dark green with envy! These are gorgeous and such a wonderful collection! So lucky that you have found so many.

Cathy ♥