July 25, 2009

Where I Create - Part II

Please come in and see where I spend much of my time creating and relaxing. In my last post I created a slide show because blogger was not cooperating. Now I have been able to upload to my blog so you can visit more easily. The funny thing is that last night I got on a cleaning rampage and actually rearranged some things and my studio is a little different now. But aren't they always a work in progress? I don't think my studio has ever stayed the same from week to week.

When you come upstairs, you will see my banner hanging on the door. It is another vista print creation that I only had to pay shipping for. It's huge!

These are cubbies from an old school. My amazing husband collected several of them when they were demolishing the school. He made several trips. We have some in our den to hold books and videos, some in my daughter's room to hold her goodies, and a huge one in the garage for tools and other guy "stuff". I really lucked out with these.

The orange one on the bottom holds materials for my girls to create with. Each cubbie is about 15 inches high.

I had my girls stand in front of it to show just how high this monstrosity has become.

One of my latest growing collections are of pennants from Paris. They have been really hard to come by. The "Bazaar" picture is one my grandma Betty made years ago. It just seemed to belong in my space.

The birds are chipboard that I covered with vintage glass glitter. The Eiffel towers were a purchase.

You can never have too many flowers or types of glitter! These wooden boxes were a local find that I stacked up to make shelves for storage.

The 12 x 12 papers (above in their old home) are now in my closet outside of the master bath. I put an old baker's rack inside to hold lots of items including all of my paper. The master bedroom in now downstairs where my old studio was. I love having my studio upstairs because the girls bedrooms are near and we can all do our "thing". I also have a lot more space and a huge vaulted ceiling. No space on a wall can ever stay bare with me.

I think it was my friend Marlene who suggested I add my white lights. I had thought about it and when I brought my huge Eiffel tower upstairs that has lights, it seemed like it was time. It was a job though and luckily I had a tall enough ladder. I still have one wall to add them to. Seems kind of silly, but I like the atmosphere at night when I only have them on.

My collection of Itty Bitty books that I have contributed to. I'm pretty sure I am in every single one. I still can't get enough.

I need some serious help. Somerset publications are something I just can't resist and I can NEVER throw out. I just love them all so much. I really need to reorganize them again.

This is my mom's old dress form that she saved up for when she was a girl. I am thinking of wrapping it with fabric at some point, but with the way I love to display everything it works out very nicely. I have tags from friends and swaps, favorite finds and a real bird's nest with two vintage doves on top from my friend Nancy.

I asked my DH to pick up some wood for me one day. I thought I would just nail it flat to the wall to put my rubber stamps on. But like many conversations between men and women, I didn't explain myself correctly and words like "thing a ma jig" and "whatchamacallit" don't work. He came home with huge boards and some brackets (I think that is what they are called). I painted the board, he hung them up and then he put an inexpensive pipe through it so that I could put on spools of ribbon. I also used shower curtain hangers and clips to hang other items. I have two of these shelves and they have been a great addition.

A yard sale find that holds some of my collection of souvenirs from Paris.

Buttons, buttons, oh how I love vintage buttons. I'm a Button Floozie. Are you? If so, you should join our group!

Wonderful goodies to look at from friends, swaps, and finds.

The dresser holds more supplies and the bottom drawers hold my many embellishments.

The 12 x 12 papers are no longer located here. I have all of the pages for the Marie Antoinette
4 x 4 book swap here where they are safe. Too much beautiful work to protect.

Okay, why am I not surprised that my pictures didn't load correctly? Jeez, it's always somethin'.

My desk sits in front of this large window. I love it in the daytime when I can see all of the huge trees outside. This is a Paris banner that I made last year. I really like how it turned out.

This is a printers drawer that is in the master bath to hold my tiny collections and odds-n-ends.

The opposite wall showcases items from my many Marie Antoinette swaps as well as some things that I have made. I love being able to see this work all of the time.

Mixed up photos again, but it is just to show pictures of another one of my favorite things to collect, vintage jewelry. I love to use it on my altered art.

I found this Eiffel tower lamp on Craig's List. Actually, my friend did and she told me about it. Obviously, I love it! You can find some great storage items on Craig's List and Freecycle as well.

My collection of Eiffel tower mounted rubber stamps. I have just as many if not more that are unmounted. Like I need anymore, but it's an obsession. "Oh my gosh! An Eiffel tower stamp! I don't have that one. I must have it now!"

At one time, I had placed toile paper in my many drawers so that they were more uniform. However, even though I have my drawers labeled, it was just easier for me to have everything in view. If I don't see it, I don't always remember that I have it. That is why this room is so good for me. I have lots of room to display.

I am the BIGGEST fan of The Killers. And I mean the BIGGEST! I AM their #1 fan. This frame holds my autograph's (shirt, tickets, etc.) as well as other fan items, the drum sticks that Ronnie gave me and some pictures of me with Brandon and Ronnie. Hopefully I will be able to add more pictures of me with my boys down the road.

Plates that my mother made and my newest collection, frozen Charlotte dolls. I would like to incorporate some of them into my altered art.

More souvenirs from Paris, my grandmother's old doll, vintage souvenir spoons and an old modeling picture of myself from long ago.

I love black cats, real and vintage. These aren't all vintage, but it's a start.

And above my head while I sit at my desk, the teenager in me comes out. What a wonderful view- lol!

I hope that you enjoyed my space and that you will decide to follow my blog and visit again soon. Thanks for stopping by!


Michelle (Shell) May said...

Oh my! There is sooooooo much fabulous eye candy here I can hardly stand it! What a great space! I too love all the Somerset publications. They are just so fabulous!
Great tour! Thanks for letting me take a peek!
bunny hugs,

Karen Valentine said...

Your studio is absolutely delightful! There is so much to look at! I bet you just spend hours in hear enjoying the atmosphere! Thank you so much for coming to my party. You've really helped make it a success!

My Desert Cottage

Terri said...

Fantastic studio and thanks for posting more of where you create so we could see. Just more fantastic-ness. I like the explanation of what your DH came up with and what you wanted for the ribbon holder...it works!

Cathy said...

Rhonda, I love your space! So many great ideas and it looks like a wonderful place to sit and play all day. Love those cubbies and all the jewels!

Cathy ♥

~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

I very much enjoyed your space!! I especially liked the photo of your girls in front of the cubbies ~ just such a touchingly sweet photo!
I might have to *borrow* your idea of stringing lights in my studio ~ little lights just make everything feel so much more enchanting!
I didn't get my studio photographed for this event, but I am having a giveaway on my blog this weekend for "Christmas in July". Stop by if you like PINK! :)

Coralie Cederna Johnson said...

A charming wonderful place to create! (Thank you so much for sharing and please come visit me, too!)

LiLi M. said...

I love to visit your studio again (and again, and again). A slide show is fun, but looking back and forth here is even better, thanks!

Denise said...

Thanks for sharing your space...very kewl ideas!
Thanks so much for sharing
Dancingly, Denise

Caleen said...

What a great space filled with so many wonderful things to create with.. I think you have about everything. It is "eye Candy".. Paris.. How wonderful.. Love all your french inspired stuff. Love the storage and all your treasures. Thank you for sharing. I will be back.. Keep Creating!

Anonymous said...

what a great place to be! I love your space! so many fun things to see and do.
:) Missy

Bee Serendipitous said...

OMG - Rhonda....your place is totally AWESOME and crafter/artist dream place...OMG OMG...I just love everything, I mean everything its way to cool of a place to create you are soooo lucky to have this space...so much eye candy & ideas for my little room...and I love the color of your walls...and the twinkling lights are perfect!!..I definitely will be stopping by again to admire your creative dream area...and your daughters are adorable...have a honey of day - may sweet things come your way! grace peace joy & love 2 "U" my friend...Marlene P.S. I love your all of your creations...especially the one that I have!!!

Miss Sandy said...

Love that Marie wall! Your studio is divine, thanks for sharing it.

icandy... said...

Your studio is fantastic... soooo much to look at and soooo organized! How do you do it? I'll be back!

Christina :)

Robin said...

Lovin' your music selection....
And I love those school cubbies you have.....lucky duckie...

I hope you have had a beautiful day today.

Jules of Whimsicalnotions blog said...

omg i love it i love it i wanna live in it.Your space is fabulous i must blog mine,I love all your hidey holes those school cubby holes are the best.I too love sommerset mags only found them last year cant get them here and the post is terrible but theones i have i treasure,like my victorias i would never throw em away.

paperbird said...

Your creative space is amazing. So many pretty treasures to look at. Thank you for letting me peek.

Jan (J.T.) Thomason said...

you have as much junk in your studio as i do only yours is more organized.
please come to the ranch and help me organize my mess.
i'll cook.
no, that's a lie.
i'll pay for all meals.

oh, and though i know i've sent you paris stuff at least once, i did see my "orange" card. that was cool.

oh, and btw, get your behind over to my blog and scroll down until you hit upon my twitter post and you'll understand EVERYTHING.

xoxo, jan

Bryanna Lenan said...

WOW!! Incredible... what a wonderful space... Im so jealous!! hee hee hee.... YOU GO GIRL!

Molly Alexander said...

What a fun studio you have - I love all of your storage! Your hanging birds are definitely my favorite! Thank you so much for sharing your workspace!

:-) Molly

FitToSeeJane said...

It looks wonderful!

Becs said...

Rhonda, I am in love with your studio! Can I move in???? I have to finish two rooms before I can get my studio room completed. Remodels are horrid! Becs

Liberty said...

I could spend hours and hours in your studio. Love your jars and all that's in them. Your Paris Pennent is awesome! I have one too above my desk in the window! Your spool center is wonderful! A woman can never have too much ribbon. What's not to like in your room? Thanks for the peek.

Becs said...

Hey Rhonda, is the itty bitty book club still going? If so, how and where could I join in? Becs

Cassandra said...

Oh my goodness I am so jealous lol. I hope to someday have a space of my own. Your creative space is so beautiful and organized. Thanks for sharing. :)

Maria said...

Love your space.The Edward poster is pure eye candy.Love all the towers you have they are lovely!!

hugs Maria