June 17, 2009

I Did Not Fall Off The Face of The Earth!

I know, I know.... the whole "blogging without obligation thing". I shouldn't feel guilty about my lack of posts. But I am feeling pretty lame at the moment. I have so many things I need to share like projects, treasure finds, and adventures. I need to update my page and badges, etc. I don't know what my problem is. Maybe it is just because it is summer and I am outside so much. Maybe it is because I have a computer that I use in my studio that is upstairs now, and my old computer that I download my pictures on is downstairs. I have to fix that. Maybe it is because I have been organizing the house too much, getting rid of all of the extra stuff and painting. In fact, I am repainting many of the rooms in the house (downstairs living, kitchen, entry, oldest daughter's bedroom and guest bedroom). But life is good, the girls are doing well, the husband is his usual busy self but well, Mom's health is good (yearly mammogram came out A OK, thank you God), and I am feeling much better. No being in a "funk". So, consider this a hello, hope you are all having a great summer and I will share some treasures from a recent shopping spree in the next few days! Have a great night and if you are on my end of the states where it is raining buckets, stay dry!


Robin said...

I am so glad to hear that all is well and that your mom's last mammogram came out on top.
I am looking forward to your posting of your new treasures. I shall check in again.
Hope you and yours all had a beautiful weekend.

Kathy said...

So happy to hear that your mom is ok, I think of her often.
Enjoy your summer with your cuties.