March 16, 2009

Itty Bitty Spring Page

Here are the pages that I made for the Itty Bitty Spring Book with the group Follow Your Bliss. You can read more about the group by visiting "Other Places I Call Home" below on the left. Are you surprised that I used an image of the Eiffel tower? Of course not!

I am still learning how to use Photo Shop and took the image of the bird and changed a few things about her. Then I added her to the image of the Eiffel tower.

The egg is covered in vintage blue glass glitter. What could be better?

My continued thanks and appreciation to all of those wonderful artists who have contributed to these wonderful books and to Mary Ann for all of her hard work!



I love your design, Rhonda!

Geralyn Gray said...

I joined the Marie mail art group---I have been creating like a buzy bee lately---feels good. That itty bitty Spring book looks the eiffel tower of course!

Jennie said...

So pretty!
Ok lady...everywhere I look now I'm seeing Eiffel Towers!

Take a look at this blog: she has Eifell Tower plastic pendants for $1.00.

Take care,

Carolyn said...

hey R...

i wondered where you have been - busy it looks like it!!
i recognise that flower paper too ! ;o)
Your work is gorgeous - as always !

I feel bad for not getting in touch ;o( Just been busy and feeling down in the dumps the past few days - but i`m still thinking of you - i hope you`re all ok

Love ya !