March 7, 2009

Eiffel Tower Project

Look at the puzzle I found at Michaels yesterday! I just wanted to share this with those of you who are crazy about the Eiffel tower like I am. My plan is to build this and then cover it with vintage glass glitter. I recently made an Eiffel tower from cardboard and after painting it black, I covered it with with vintage black glass glitter. It looks great! This will be a challenge since it is not a flat surface, but I am excited about the challenge. Have a great day!


Tristan Robin said...

I saw those at Michaels. Let me know how easy it was. LOL It looked like quite a complicated model to me!

It will look wonderful coated in glass glitter!

But, then - what doesn't?!?!

Jennie said...

Hey Rhonda,
Just wanted to stop by and say hello. My best wishes to you and your family; I hope your husband is doing better.

Best wishes and high hopes to you,

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see the finished tower! What a great idea. Be sure to let us know if it was difficult or not!

Happy spring!
Rose Cottage Gardens and Farm

Anonymous said...

I hope you don't mind, but I'm going to totally copy you! Oh wait, not "copy": be inspired by!

Very, very cool. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Good luck Rhonda. It looks to be quite the project but knowing your love for the Eiffel Tower you won't consider this a project at all. I'll be anxious to see the results.


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad that I've found your blog, I adore France and everything French too!
I reckon your eiffel tower will look absolutely amazing covered in glass glitter, I think you should attach a small handsewn french flag on top aswell
Many thanks for making this amazing blog for me to follow and inspire me

Carolyn said...

I hope you have alot of the glass glitter !!
it will look stunning when you complete this !

Jennie said...

Hi Rhonda!
Thank you so much for your kind words - I truly appreciate your support. I believe your positive thoughts helped me as I accepted a wonderful position this morning and start Monday. I couldn't be more pleased!!

Also, I went to Tuesday Morning yesterday and if you have one near you...go! They have wrought iron Eiffel Towers and various gift bags and office supplies with Paris themes. I got so caught up in it and then remembered that it's not me that loves Paris but you! ha ha ha

Also, on Sunday I was helping my Mom clean her garage and much to my surprise found my box of Adam Ant posters, pictures, etc from when I was a kid. We laughed for a good 10 minutes and I was as giddy as a 13 year old!

Take care of that hubby and talk to you soon!

Best wishes and high hopes to you,


It's going to look amazing!

Anonymous said...

Hi, We carry alot of Glass Glitter (German) and would be happy to provide some free black glitter for this project, in exchange for a photo or two for our blog. Would love to help you out with this one!

Rhondamum said...

Hello John of Meyer Imports. If you are checking in on this post again, I have been trying to get in touch with you. I have sent a few emails to your personal address and the address for your shop. Please let me know if you still want to do a trade. I am ready to add glitter. Thanks! Rhonda of RhondaMum