February 19, 2009

My Love of All Things French - Books

I'm sure you're not surprised when I tell you that this is not my entire collection of french books. But, these are some of my favorite finds....

I love french dictionaries and these are my favorites!

The illustrations are beautiful and they have such a variety of information.

Histoire - Geographie

These two books have wonderful illustrations. Perfect for scanning and using in my work.

I love hearing your feedback and seeing your items too, so keep those comments and links coming. Next I will be sharing some other cool finds, like my pendants from Paris as well as some photos from my visit many, many years ago. Have a fabulous night!


Jackie said...

I'll post some I love France pics soon - I've been meaning to all week - life just got a little crazy!!

Anonymous said...

What a nice collection. I also love the illustrations and color of the books. It must have taken quite a while to collect all of them.


Katie said...

I just love the French nursery rhyme illustrations!

lilibulle said...

trés belle collection rhonda!! the old larousse is amazing..
je suis francaise et te connais par Abbie.. je vais faire le tour de ton blog!! if I can help... just tell me.. do you want some images? what do you search?
je t'embrasse Rhonda!! et merci d'aimer mon pays!

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

wonderful books! I especially enjoyed seeing the dictionary and the vintage children's books - the illustrations are delightful!

Abbie said...

Bonjour Rhonda! I jsut adore seeing all of the treasures you pull out! Your studio must be such a bounty of lovely things! :) Hope you are fabulous!
I finally posted for you..

Kristina said...

I hope I am not too late - I have lots of French books and love them.

Summer Gypsy said...

I am going to be on the lookout for vintage French nursery rhymes. The dictionary is awesome. I love books, and these are so special!