January 22, 2009

Love For Vintage Network

If you love all things vintage, then you just have to check out this new network that I found. It is just beautiful and I have already met some amazing gals. Enjoy!

Love For Vintage Network


Summer Gypsy said...

You are so right!!! Thanks again for putting me onto this super network!!! I love everything about it!

Celestial Charms said...

This was my first exposure to a "network" and I am in love. It reminds me of a combination of all the best elements of Flickr, Blogging, and MySpace. It creates the perfect atmosphere for sharing and becoming friends with creative and open minded people.
My hats off to LoveforVintage Network!

Geralyn Gray said...

I followed you right over and jumped right in---love it!!!!!!! I also kept on following you in comments in OWOH giveaways.

Geralyn Gray said...

I was just visiting Celestial Charms' Blog and on her sidebar there was a blog Paris Breakfast---I think you will like it!!!!!!!

Sweet Remembrance said...

What a fantastic network!
Thanks Rhonda.
Go to my blog...I have given you an award!

LisaLaughs said...

Hi, Rhonda!! I just saw in the Altered art tin group in Flickr that i missed the Valentine tin swap, and that you missed it too. WOuld you like to swap with me? I'm also doing the Valentine IBB swap, and I am also in the VE group on FLickr (LisaLaughs!). If so, send me an email and we can hammer out the details. Hope you're having a lovely weekend!!