December 15, 2008

A Christmas Cracker Swap

The first swap I ever did was with Carolyn from Magpie-Pixie. It was last year and it was a Christmas Cracker swap. The best part of that swap was that Carolyn and I became very good friends and I also became friends with Sherry from Esprit d Art. Both of these amazing women have really touched my life. This year, Carolyn did the swap again, so of course I wanted to take part. And now I have a new friend. My partner was Trish from The Tattered Rose. Oh my goodness, do we have a lot in common!

Look at all of the wonderful goodies that Trish sent my way. This isn't even all of it, because the chocolate she sent me got eaten right up.

The cracker itself was wrapped in beautiful Christmas fabric, and the artful girl that was attached is so beautiful. She reminds me of the tradition of Saint Lucia. I just love her and all of her little details.

Trish sent me lots of wonderful vintage ephemera, my favorite and other vintage goodies as well. Just wonderful!

I found out that Trish is very, very thoughtful. She knew that I loved British robins. They're my favorite bird. She found this wonderful vintage postcard that a thoughtful person sent as a Christmas wish back in 1911. I let out a huge gasp as soon as I saw it. I love all of my goodies from Trish, but I'll tell you what, she could have sent nothing at all except for this postcard, and I would have been thrilled!
I love doing swaps and meeting such wonderful people. A big thanks to Trish, for doing such an amazing job. We live four hours from one another, and hopefully in the spring will be able to hook up for a day of fun. Here's to a wonderful new friendship! Thank you also to my dear friend Carolyn, for not only hosting this swap, but for bringing so much joy, support, and wonderful friendship into my life.
Have a great day and a very Merry Christmas!


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miss magpie-pixie said...

I knew you`d be perfect for each other !!
Trish sent you many gorgeous goodies ! i`m in love with the robin card especially !
It will be awesome to meet up with her - i`m sure you`ll have a wonderful time !

Kathy said...

Very pretty...
Merry Christmas to you and your family R. Give your mom a hug for me!