October 21, 2008

Like Omigod! It's An 80's Birthday Bash, Fersure!

Like, Omigod! My totally cool BBFF, Carolyn from Magpie-Pixie and I are throwing a party! Like, FerSure! Like, if you look at that totally cool banner above, you will see my prom picture on the top left, and like, Carolyn down there on the bottom right. We both had, like, these totally curly perms and like, we're like, totally crazy about Duran Duran, like FerSure.

So, like, here's what our party is all about. It started as an 80's bash, and like the date we had, like free to do it, it was like, Omigod, like, my 40th birthday. So, we like, decided, that like, we would have an 80's themed birthday bash! Like, Omigod, like totally cool. It's going to be, like, SO bitchen', like FerSure!

So, like, here's what you have to do. You have to remember that everything, like everything, has to be, like, from the 80's. Pick out your dress, shoes, accessories, don't forget that big 80's hair and makeup, and like tell us your favorite like, song and band, like, who you would bring for your date, and like, most importantly, like, what totally awesome gift that you would like, give to me, cause it's like, my birthday and everything. But, that gift, it like HAS to be from the 80's. Like, okay. Cause if it isn't, like Omigod, like, Gag me with a spoon! Also, include, like, what movie we should all go and, like, see together.

So, like, if you want to join our party, like, you can comment, like, on this post or Carolyn's, and like, put our cool banner that Carolyn, like, she is so like, totally awesome at making banners, and like, you can like, post it on your blog with a link to either of us. We have to let everyone know, that like, we are having the most Tubular party, like ever!

On the day of our party, like, it's not just one day, but two days, like, okay. On that day, you can come to our blogs after you post all of your like, totally cool pictures from the 80's, and like, we'll have like a "Mr. Linky" set up so that you can post your info, like, right there on our blogs. Then, we can all like, visit each other and have a like, FerSure, like totally cool walk down memory lane. Like, okay!

So, like, the party is on like, Friday and Saturday November 7th & 8th, FerSure. If you want any ideas as to, like, what we do, you can like, check out Carolyn's Oscar Bash birthday party from last January, by clicking, like, on the words "Oscar Bash". That way, you can like, FerSure, get an idea about, like, the like, totally awesome parties that this BBFF of mine has. She is like, so killer at like, these parties.

Okay, so like, here is the list again, of like, the things that you need to like, remember:






Favorite Band

Favorite Song


My gift

Your date ... and like, any other, like, totally awesome things that you would like to share from like, the 80's.

I'm from the 80's and I'm proud! Like, hope to like, see you at, like, the party!

Sign up, like now.....

Love from, like, Rhonda...


Sherry said...

Like, my 80s and your 80s are going to be like so different...like I might be the chaperone at your party!!! ROFL!!! Okay, so there's about 12 years ago diffrence, so like you'll know what I'm talking about but I'm like "in"!!

Sherry said...

Like I love the photos of the 2 of you interspersed in the badge!!!

miss magpie-pixie said...

Yeah Sherry ! I knew you`d join us !! Whoo Hoo !! ;o)

hey Rhonda ! Let`s get the party started !! LOL !!
I can`t wait until the day my BBFF !! It`s going to be awesome girl !!

love ya !!


Carolyn said...

I loved the 80's!!!!

What a fun party idea!

Liz said...

What a great idea. I've been feeling quite nostalgic for the 80s since my 20th high school reunion is coming up this year. Count me in!

The Quilting Pirate said...

too much fun! I definitely plan to dig up some old goodies for this! :)