October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween
Last night, while my family was asleep, I decided to do a little more Halloween decor for them to wake up to. I put a big banner up that says, "Happy Halloween" and then put spider webs at the bottom of our stairs, full of spiders of course and added another web on the wall behind the couch. They loved it!
This is something we traditionally do for our birthdays. We wake to banners, streamers, and balloons all over, even mama and papa. My husband started this years ago while we were dating. Now, it is family tradition that I love. And I think it is safe to say that the girls would love for me to add Halloween to this list as well.
I thought it would be a perfect day to post the items that I made and received for Bella-Enchanted's Wicked Witch Switch. My partner was Gloria from Les Arts By Gloria. She is so talented and I really lucked out having her as my partner. I guarantee you that you will be inspired if you pay her a visit.
This is the cigar box that I altered for her. I love the young beautiful witch, and of course anything with black cats is loved by me.

Gloria loves things with a french theme as well, so that is why I added an Eiffel tower. What a perfect match we were!

And this is a pennant I made for her as well. Thanks again to lauralemur on flickr for letting me use this fabulous picture!

Here are all of her Halloween goodies.

And check out all of the wonderful things that Gloria sent to me. I was blown away not only with her talent, but with the amount of items she sent.

I love, love, love this altered piece that she made. It is one thing that I will not be putting away, just because Halloween is over. It will take a place with my black cat collection.

Thanks again to everyone who made this awesome swap possible. Now go and have a ghostly but safe Halloween. And remember, black cats are not bad luck. They just watch over their witches well.

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Kathy said...

Fun Halloween art, yours and hers! Your right, you two were a good match.