July 2, 2008

Update On My Mom & Some Thoughtful Friends

I feel so out of touch with everyone right now, and I am sorry for that. I have not been myself. I met some of my friends at the pool yesterday and they reminded me that in tough times, you can't push your friends out. They don't feel that I have pushed them out, but just wanted me to know I could lean on them.

Fact is, since my mom had other areas of concern found, more biopsies and tests, etc. I just haven't felt like doing anything. And I mean, anything, except sleeping and looking at my girls. Watching them play brings such joy to my soul. I haven't written on my blog my mom, because I wanted to know more before I did so. I thank the many of you that have been checking in and writing to me with encouragement and prayers. I am blessed. I haven't talked about it with my friends, because when I do, I just loose it. I will go and pick up my youngest from her summer program at church, and everyone will ask about mom, and then I leave in tears. I just sob.

Well, no more! Good news.... the amazing doctor that my mom loves and is in medicine because he really cares, called my mom at around 9:20 night before last to let her know that all of the other areas in both breasts were benign. That's right, no more cancerous areas! Woo hoo! We are all just thrilled!

Today, in fact I think right at this very second, my mom is talking to her amazing doctor that she loves about the plan of action. That is what has been driving us all crazy, I think. Just not knowing, and not having a plan. Well, next time I talk to my mom, there will be a plan and I am thrilled!

We all just want this journey with cancer OVER!

So, on a happy note, I have some very thoughtful people out there. Your messages mean the world to me, and your prayers are the greatest gifts you could EVER give to me and my family. I have to show you some thoughtful goodies though...

The beautiful scarf above was sent to me by my dear friend Carolyn. She saw it and had to have it for me. How sweet is that!

She also had these wonderful (side ways) post cards sent to me as well. Tiffani from Ric Rac Sally so graciously sent them to me for her. She had listed the scarf on her site at Etsy Cottage Style. This is an amazing spot where many of us have gathered to share our love of altering items, challenging ourselves with new forms of art work, making friends, sharing things we love, and doing good for others. You should really check it out!

So, after hearing about me and my bummer mood, Tiffani included the above beautiful gifts. One is a floral magnet and one of the paper leaves says "Paris" on it, so she said it HAD to be mine. The floral pin is made from a toile fabric, which is another one of my favorites. It is just so lovely and she sent one to Carolyn too. I hope Carolyn has received it already. She will need it because we both have to wear them when we do finally meet in person one day! So now you know Caz!

I want to thank them both for really making my day when I was so down. I just cried and my oldest said, "Mama, you are happy?" She knows how much I love the Eiffel Tower. I replied, "Yes baby, I am just so blessed with such thoughtful friends".

Above is a package I received from my new friend Jan at the Polka Dot Barn. Jan sent me these wonderful goodies just to cheer me up. She included the most wonderful card, and lots of prayers for my mom and really touched my heart. She is just a dear angel from God in my book and I could never thank her enough for her encouragement and thoughtfulness. Her blog is hysterical and wonderful as well, so check her out.
So there is a quick update and some lovely pretties to look upon. I hope that everyone out there is doing well and I will be posting again soon. I still have to add a slide show of the wonderful french book I created with so many wonderful artists, and show pictures of some of the wonderful swap goodies I have received. Just beautiful, but more then that, beautiful people involved. Have a great day!


miss magpie-pixie said...

I`m sure we won`t need the flower pins to recognise each other when we meet up Rhonda ! But yes , i do have mine , and had a lump in my throat , as tiffani said , it something which connects us even more togehter !
And what are friends for , if you cannot give something to cheer them up ! ?

So glad your mom has had fantastic news , you must all be so relieved about it ! Now you can go forward more , and get on with it . Look to the future , and enjoy your time together .

love and miss

jthom03 / Jan Thomason / thomranch@hctc.net said...

You're so sweet, Rhonda!
You said the nicest things about my blog - I think I should have sent you my etsy address and you could have sent people over there to shop and help us put those boys of ours through college.
I was happy to send you a package of treats. I know that when you feel down that to have someone show they are thinking of you means a lot - but the most important thing I'm doing is praying for "Rhonda's mum" - it's on my list and I know that our gathered prayers are blessing God and that she is in his care.
YOU remember that.
He loves your mom deeply and is holding her hand through all of this "C" stuff.
Count on it!
And count on continued prayers from friends you have around you and friends you've never met but that God has put in your path for maybe this very reason?

xoxo, Jan

Wanda said...

That is fabulous news. Happy, happy for Rhonda and her Mom. Take care.

Beth Leintz said...

So glad to hear that the news about your Mom is good- I'm sure you feel a huge relief in "having a plan". Have a happy holiday weekend!

Kathy~Vintage Snaps & Scraps said...

I am so happy to hear then new news is GOOD news. I have been thinking of you and your mom, I was telling my sister all about you (passes Aaron's Crossing over to her, she was reading it on the beach)and your mom...good thoughts mean so much! I am so happy that you have wonderful friends to pick you up...when you need a lift. You are blessed!