July 23, 2008

Update On Mom

Great news! Mom got the results back from her surgery, and the masses that they removed are mostly clear. That is such great news and I know it is all because of the power of prayer, and I thank you all so much for keeping my mom and my family in yours.

Tomorrow she will return to the doctor to chat about the amount of radiation treatment she will have, so please keep those prayers coming.

As expected, Mom is in a lot of pain and really hates to take her pain medicine. I keep telling her that she needs to pop those pills and rest, but she doesn't like to be sleepy throughout the day.

Yesterday, the girls made her a precious "We Love Gma" banner and took her some bouquets of flowers. I thought she could use a good pick me up and of course she loved it and was so glad to see the girls.

So, tomorrow is another journey, down the shortening road of Mom's fight with cancer. Hopefully the radiation will be an even shorter journey and we will all be done with this voyage soon.

God Bless!



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Wonderful news Rhonda, please give her a big old hug from me...I am so happy to hear of this great news.