July 17, 2008

Update on Mom

Hello and thanks for checking in on mom. The day was long and we were at the hospital from 9:00 in the morn, and the last people out of the hospital around 11:00 that evening. Mom did a great job and the surgery went well. I am very proud of her. We should hear in the next couple of days how things went and what the extent of her radiation treatment should be. Hopefully she won't have to have much and we can be finished with this path.

Oddly, mom and I had a great time that day. We sat and chatted the whole day, with the exception of the few times she was out (inserting wire, dye, x-rays and surgery). Neither of us ever even glanced at the books that we brought along with us. My dad stayed away most of the time, which I highly encouraged as did mom. He would have been a basket case sitting around there all day.

I spent the night at their house so that I could help mom to the bathroom if she woke up. Luckily she was still pretty drugged and only went once. I bounced up and went to help her when the thought occurred to me that if she did start to fall we would both be down because we were staggering along like a couple of drunks. We were so tired. After my dad was awake, I moved into the spare bedroom and snoozed like a baby. Amazing what a quiet house can do for your sleep. Dad went and got us a wonderful breakfast and I had plenty of hot coffee.

Mom is hanging in there. Hurting more today, but that is to be expected. She is one strong gal and I feel good about everything.

On another note, on the same day mom had her surgery, I got the results back from my first mammogram. Everything is A-OK. I never chatted about that. The nurse laughed when I was finished because I said, "I'm not a mammogram virgin anymore". Fact is, it was no big deal at all. Didn't hurt a bit and it went so quickly. From the time I went back to the time I came out, no more then probably 15 minutes had passed. If I had a sitter I could have spent more time having lunch and doing some shopping.

The only thing a pleasant mammogram requires is a good attitude. One could go in there and feel so appalled, like one lady my nurse told me about, and then your experience will be horrible. Or, you can go in there and relax, let her do what she needs to do, and then it will be fine. They have seen breasts before so no need in getting all uncomfortable.

So, this road of cancer is hopefully almost done. I will let you know when we learn what our next step is. Thank you so very much for all of your prayers, because it is what has gotten us ALL through this, and your thoughts and comments have been so wonderful and have brought me so much support and comfort.

May God bless you and yours! Have a fantastic day!

Dear Lord, thank you so much for getting us through this thus far and for keeping my mom well. -Amen



Alison Gibbs said...

Keeping my fingers crossed and hoping all goes well for your Mom

miss magpie-pixie said...

hey Rhonda !

I hope your mom is on the road to recover from her surgery - and not in too much pain .

Keep us up to date - when you can !!
And so glad to hear your mammogram was A ok too !!

chat soon !