July 5, 2008

Vintage Ephemera Swap From Nancy

Oh my goodness! Pictures just can't do all of the wonderful things that Nancy sent to me justice. I was feeling really down on the day this magical box came my way. I was trying to relax and I was watching the movie Marie Antoinette when the mailman came. Nancy really put a lot of effort and heart into this swap and I could never thank her enough. She knows me oh so well! Thank you so much Nancy, for the wonderful swap, and for being such a wonderful friend!

You can see more pictures from this fabulous swap with Nancy here:


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My Crafty Little Page said...

Rhonda clever girl with a slide show! You are so welcome - I had as much fun getting this together, I think, as you had opening it! I've already covered a box to coordinate with the fabulous one you made. I'm having a ball with the ledger sheets. I'm going to retake some pictures and do a post for next weekend! Also, Lilly and I can't wait to visit your four legged family. We have bunnies that live in our yard and apparently they have made an agreement with her - you don't chase us and we won't chase you! They just sort of look at each other and go about their business. She's a sweetheart and the gentlest thing! See you Thursday. Your bbff, Nancy