June 12, 2008

A Few More Finds....

For those of you that read my last post, these are the other items that I found during my last treasure hunt with my Mom and oldest daughter. Mom sees the surgeon today, so please keep her in your prayers.

I love, love, love this old alarm clock. Can you believe it still works. It weighs a ton and has a soft alarm sound and a loud alarm sound. Too cool, unfortunately I can't wind it every day. It is in my studio. Can you imagine the task of winding your clocks every single day? This was once just an everyday part of life, like checking your email.

Also found a bag of cool buttons, some vintage trim, and this....

This cage is smaller then the one I used in my Fun Friday Challenge a couple of weeks ago. I think it is a very odd coincidence that I found this little gem. Notice that there is no bird which is good, it means I don't have to pry it's bars open like the last one.
Wonder what the "message" is that God is trying to tell me on that one.
Have a fantastic day and I will keep you posted on my Mom who just had her first Etsy sale! Yippee!!!


miss magpie-pixie said...

Wishing your mom the best when she goes to the surgeon dear Rhonda !! And i`m pleased she`s had a sale on her etsy shop !! ;o) She will be pleased about it !!
I`m in awe at that birdcage - it was meant for you !!

Will email you tomorrow sweetie - i`m off to bed - soo tired !!
missed you !!


Sherry/Cherie said...

Rhonda, thinking positive thoughts for your mother -- hope her meeting with the surgeon has given her a little "peace". Once the ball is rolling and you are actively "doing" something about this, it makes such a difference. As I've said, any questions you or she has, please do not hesitate to ask me. I'm more than happy to offer the support and the experience.

Popsicles & Lollipops said...

A mutual bloggy friend (Wanda) sent me your way as apparently we have something in common (that we probably wish we didn't have). My Mom was diagnosed with lung cancer which has spread to the lymph nodes on May 29th via surgery to remove her right bottom lung lobe. They had given her 2/3 chance of an infection as to why there was a mass in her lung and only 1/3 chance cancer, as Mom has never smoked in her life. My Dad & I (I'm an only child) were stunned and so very saddened to hear this disparaging news. It has been the toughest time of my life so far. Lots of anticipatory grief. I am trying to regain normalcy as I have a young family that I need to care for, and I was sinking into a deep funk that I had to work past. I am hopeful and taking it a day at a time. Lots of prayers and positive thought daily. I will keep your mom and family in my prayers as well. Thinking of you and sending love and hope for a cure your way.

karlascottage.typepad.com said...

YOu do find good stuff! I just used some of the ledger paper that I got as a gift from you, thanks again. I cut a piece out to make a tag for a birthday gift for Beth,and right in the middle of the square was her birthdate! How cool is that?

karlascottage.typepad.com said...

Ps- I was lucky enough to get one of your panels in the screen swap, oh my, I love it. Mine is the one with the pink ruffle at the top. I am crazy about it.

Jeanne said...

Love that teeny birdcage Rhonda!