May 1, 2008

Why Do I Love Old Pages So Much?

I can remember in my earliest days on this earth, I loved all types of paper. My dad would come home from work and bring my brother and sister different work supplies, and he would give me his junk mail. I loved it and I was no older then three or four.
I loved my collections of colored papers, stickers, and especially the pages from Japanese children's book. When my girls and I went there a couple of years ago with my husband, I was busy collecting the children's books and all of the cool paper I could find. It sits in my studio, a treasure waiting to be used. It is hard for me to use my paper at times, but I am getting better at this, especially as I do more swaps, more art for etsy, and share with my friends.
My oldest seems to have captured the same love as her Mama. Every single time we are in a store, and I do mean EVERY time, she wants a new pad or journal, like she needs any more then she already has. But, I understand her obsession.
I have so many wonderful pages, that one day, I will use in my altered art more. I am still learning to actually use the papers that I have.
Vintage french receipts, one of my most favorite treasures.

Blank checks from the 1890's
Railroad Luggage Tags

An old Radio log book
This one is a very special find because my great grandfather worked for the Lehigh Valley Railroad for many years. While flipping through it's pages, I thought how fantastic it would have been to find an entry by him.

Beautiful canceled checks from 1905

Misc. canceled checks

A local find, coupon book and an old bus line receipt book.

I found this in an old book that I had purchased. Just an extra french treasure within it's pages.
Stove receipt from 1865 - the older the pages the better. I love the beautiful handwriting from way back. So much pride in each little curve.

An old journal full of transactions. Yes, that is Coco's tail in the pic. You will probably notice he is in a lot of these pictures, my devoted cat, always by my side.

My beautiful ledgers. I was inspired after I saw Abbie's beautiful find a few months back. I searched and searched and found both of these on ebay. Oh how I love ebay and I am sure ebay loves me. I could spend hours just looking for neat old things to buy.

The smaller one isn't as old, but every page is written on.
This larger one has entries from the 1800's. I had no idea it was so huge when I purchased it. It weighs more then my children. I actually teared up when I opened the box and saw this beauty. I have used the "younger" one in my altered art, but don't have the heart to use the written pages yet of this older one. I will get there in time....

This was an extra treasure within it's pages. I, of course, was thrilled with the find!

An old piano roll. I want to think of a creative use for it. The box is falling apart, but is still a treasure to me.
I hope that you have enjoyed seeing some of my collection. It has actually grown a great deal since I took these pictures back in March. Every time I go on a treasure hunt, I find more pages to adore. Not to promote my etsy shop, but I do have a few of these finds listed there, and plan on listing more within the next couple of weeks. I do share a little bit, but it is hard every time I do so. There are so many phenomenal artists out there that I know will do something to showcase these beautiful finds. I know with my work, it is usually the first focus of my piece.
Have a great creative day!


Alison Gibbs said...

So many treasured pages. Sometime it is hard to actually use these as we love them so much.

miss magpie-pixie said...

It`s the old style writing that does it for me ! I`ve only managed to find the odd one here , but i`m still looking !
you have some wonderful finds there R .. !

have a nice break while you`re away fron us all !

i`ll miss you !
love n hugs !!