April 20, 2008

Doggie Update

Thank you again to all of those who have left comments and have contacted me about my dog Sandee.

I will try to keep this short...

Sandee is still at the vet. Doing better and I have been able to visit her and love on her for a while. We are not in the clear yet, still need to make sure she can function her bladder on her own. If we get to that point, and she can come home, she will have a long road to recovery.

I didn't realize her pelvis is broken. She will need to be in a crate for four to six weeks while her pelvis heals. Taking care of her, however, will be no problem for me. She is usually by my side anyway, I always love on her, and if I need to help her to the back yard to "go" then so be it. I just want her better, but I will not let her suffer.

The vets are very hopeful, as am I. You see, on Friday, I received a phone call from a very upset girl who had seen one of our many signs. She was the one that hit Sandee, met me at the location (two miles away by car, but on Google map still a very long crawl with a broken pelvis). It was on a "blind" hill at about 9:00 PM. That means it took Sandee about 30 hours to get home, and the vet thinks my dirty clothes hanging up outside helped her home. (I read that on a vet's site about finding your lost pet).

The girl also told me that Sandee went under the car. She felt horrible for not going back, but in all honesty, she would have been crazy to go back and look in the dark on this blind curvy hill. Granted, I think I would have turned around, no, I would have because I wouldn't want an animal to lay there and suffer. But it wouldn't have really done any good if she had because I don't think she would have found Sandee. She also felt that she should pay the vet bill, but it really isn't her fault. My dog shouldn't have been out, let alone in the road.

This girl met me at the spot, a single mom of two little ones same age as mine, offering to pay when I know she couldn't afford to do so. In my eyes, she did the best thing she could. She called me, not knowing that Sandee had made it home, and from what she thought, my dog was dead. The hardest part for me, is not knowing. If my dog was dead, on the side of the road, at least I would be able to go and pick her up and "know". She did the best thing she could do in my opinion and wants me to keep her posted, is going to keep Sandee in her prayers (which is the most important thing she can do) and is still offering to help with the bill.

You really don't find people like that too much in the world today. It is nice to know there is a person out there with some good in their heart. I am not mad at her, and I don't blame her. It makes me feel more hopeful that Sandee was so determined and made it home.

Sorry, I just can't keep things short....

Please keep her in your prayers...


Oh, and I didn't forget... once Sandee is home, if we are so lucky, I will post a picture of the two of us together because I promised I would! Thank you God for bringing her home, the rest is the icing on the cake!


Kathy~Vintage Snaps & Scraps said...

Ok, another cry for me!
You are such a sweetheart....I have been thinking of you and Sandee. I kept checking to see if you updated. I am so happy that that lovely woman called you, her heart is in the right place for sure. I would have been devistated if I hit an animal, but she may not have even found her. God bless that sweet girl, that is a very determined fur baby you have. I pray she will be ok. I have a Lab who at less than 2 yrs. old had his hip replaced. he is our money pit, he had sever hip dyspasia..and we had to give him a chance. I took that big lug outside to potty, with the help of a sling...boy can I relate. Luckily he loves his crate, because he was crated for 10 weeks. It was a long road, but he is my baby and we had to do it. So think of me dragging a 70+ pound Lab...who thought he could run and play...not fun!
Didn't mean to write a book, just know how much I am thinking of you both/all.

miss magpie-pixie said...

Hi R..

Thanks for the update on dear Sandee ,
I`m sure she`ll be home soon there with you !
and glad the woman got in touch to let you know what had happened even if she felt guilty , it`s natural ,and one of those things that can happen to anyone , unfortunately it was sandee that got hit . Alot don`t even think about what happened let alone ring the person up , so i`m glad she got in touch , even though it would have been hard for both of you .

You`re all in my thoughts

love ya !


Suse said...

Thoughts and prayers continuing to go out for Sandee - hope you will soon have her home and she'll make a good and quick recovery.

Sherry/Cherie said...

It sounds like Sandee is in good hands and will be well taken care of (loved!!) by you with you at her side.

What a touching story about the woman who hit her -- gives you so much faith in people, trying to do the right thing.

Erin~~The Classy Rabbit~~ said...

Oh Rhonda, I'm so sorry to hear about Sandee but I am glad that she made it home! I will be praying for her speedy recovery so that she can soon be home with you all!

God Bless,