March 4, 2008

Altered Art Runs In The Family

My amazing husband always gets my oldest ready for school in the mornings and then drives her to school. I lay out her clothes the night before, get her backpack all ready and she is set to go.

I usually come downstairs and sit with her, have some coffee and do her hair. I noticed today that she had green paint on her face and hands. I thought, "What the heck?" Actually I thought another word, but I won't type it.

My daughter had been creating her own altered art. Maybe I should list it in my etsy shop, hahaha. She had found a big rock outside yesterday and brought it in to paint. I have been sick so I haven't paid as much attention to the house as usual. The paint was still out this morn, and I guess she decided to have a go at it. But what makes this work of art particularly amusing and altered......

Spaghetti Noodles! That's right folks, left overs from last nights dinner. Now, being sick, I guess I didn't do as good of a job in picking up all of the noodles my three year old spread about. In fact, I really didn't feel like picking up much at all. I have the flu yuck and feel like I have been hit by a crowd of women with 90% off coupons to Joann's. And apparently, my oldest found some of these old noodles to create with, just like her mommy would do. Use something for the purpose it was not originally intended for.

So, I answered my question to the green paint (Honey, please don't paint in the morning before you leave for school) and have found a new use for leftover noodles.

In all honesty, I am glad that my daughter is so creative. Being able to create, as many of you know, can be so therapeutic. Will I keep this rock, after it is all dry? Probably. I find it hard to throw away things that my daughters have made. One day down the road I might rid myself of her pet, but for now I really look at it with pride.

Have a great day! I am off for a nap!


Maria said...

Cute story! My girls are little crafty chicas too. I can find them picking up all my scraps off the floor to make there own art.

miss magpie-pixie said...

I remember doing things with pasta shapes - a necklace , but not sticking it to a rock !

You can use it as a paper weight for now .
It`s good she has a vivid imagination to create something !