February 2, 2008

Tamy Spoiled Me - Sweet Heart Box Swap

Yesterdays mail brought a huge smile to not only my face, but my daughter's as well! "Girls, look! We got our Sweet Heart Box!" We gathered on the carpet and had the time of our lives! Tamy, at http://www.simplymein.typepad.com/ absolutely SPOILED me! Check out the load of yummies I got......

I love pink and brown together. When my daughter asks me my favorite color, I tell her that I really love pink and brown. I could never just pick one. Boy oh boy did Tamy hear me!

Is this not just beautiful! And it is so me, with music and glitter. I love it!

Oh my gosh! Do I see what I think I see????

Look! It's the Eiffel Tower! Everyone knows how much I love the Eiffel Tower. And it is surrounded with pink and brown. Actually brought a tear to my eye and a gasp. My girls started saying, "The Eiffel Tower, The Eiffel Tower!"

Look at that little hand trying to take my goodies! I promised my girls that we would share this yummy treat, but only if they helped with taking pictures and keeping their hands off.

I love vintage clothes pins. These are lovely. And the mini flowers are so pretty!

Every goodie was wrapped in a clear bag with a pretty flower...

I love fleur de leas! These tags are just perfect!

This is just one bag of goodies. There were several bags in the box. I love every single item!

Isn't this just mouth watering! I love every single bit!

I adore tags. These are all just so beautiful!

Everyone also knows how much I love vintage ephemera! Check out these vintage prescriptions! They are so, so perfect!

Tags, tags, love my tags! I love these colors! Check out the Marilyn Monroe playing card. I would never have known I would love this item so much!

Look at this! Tamy really, really out did herself! I feel like it is Christmas and I can't get this huge grin off of my face!

Are those vintage flash cards I see????

Okay, okay, you can eat the sweets now! But we have to save a few for Papa!


Thank you also to Maria at http://thejunkkdrawer.blogspot.com/ for hosting this wonderful event! I am so going to get addicted to swaps!


Abbie said...

Hi Rhonda! What a fabulous bundle of goodies!! :) It must have been so much fun to go through! :) I have been trying all week to leave a comment but blogger wasn't working right.. :OP
Have a great Sunday! (I'm gonna be watching the game this eve..)
:) Abbie

karlascottage.typepad.com said...

Tamy has beautiful things, doesn't she? She was one of our swappers for cookbooks and I see she included one of her lovely pages with your goodies!!

AmyB said...

What a bonanza. Beautiful stuff. Tamy was my partner for ArtsyMama's Sweet & Sinister swap last fall, and she outdid herself then too! Looks like you had big fun opening your treasures. - Amy Bauer