January 10, 2008

My First Banner - Almost Complete

So, not only is blogging new to me, so are some of the things that I have seen on other's blogs that I really love. Banners are one example of just that. I decided to make one for myself. It took a long time, trying to figure out the measurements that I wanted and the materials to use. I am just about finished. I need to add something to the top of each banner where my paper isn't trimmed just right, arrange my ribbon a little better. Thus far, I really like what I have done and am really proud of myself. I hope that you like it too.

I know, you are shocked that it has a "Paris" theme. I am enjoying black and cream together, have some cool vintage items that I wanted to use, and I had to make the letters myself. I finally just purchased some chip board, blotted it black with a pigment ink pad, and then added black German glass glitter - love it! I have really gotten addicted to this glitter and have started to use it on projects, and not just look at how pretty it is in the bottle.

This is just a patterned paper that I love along with some images of Paris.

I was so excited when I realized I had this black pom pom-ish trim that I got from Abbie (see link bottom left for damsel designs). It was perfect and I was happy to use it. Sometimes I hold onto things forever. I think "oh, it's just so pretty, I don't want to use it yet". Well, luckily I have another bundle waiting so it wasn't as hard to use. Just worked out so well.

This one made me nervous because the ledger paper is over 100 years old. Of all the ledger paper I have acquired, this is the first page that I have used. I had to cut it just right. Isn't that so silly, freaked out about a piece of paper. But for those of you reading this, most of you probably understand.

This has vintage sheet music. I messed up about five times before I finally got it right. I wasn't as nervous about it and luckily I can use the mistakes on another project.

This one has a vintage blank receipt from an old store in Paris. I won them on ebay. The sheets are so big. I was a bit nervous about cutting this one too, but just had to use it. I mean come on! It's from Paris!

I also used some pretty toile paper. I LOVE toile, I don't care what color it is, I just love it! Rhinestones and little pearls worked in as well.

Each banner has a vintage mother of pearl button as well as a pewter Eiffel Tower charm. You may have noticed these charms on my "favorite things" post. It was nice to have a use for some of them. It took many tries to figure out how to get the little buggers on there with the buttons.

A close up of one letter. I think that black German glass glitter is so pretty and elegant. It worked out perfectly and I didn't even get any under my nails. Phew!

So there you have it... my Paris masterpiece. If you have any suggestions for that last thing that it just needs, let me know! I love comments as well.

On another note, today I got to speak on the phone with my dear blog friend Carolyn from http://magpie-pixie.blogspot.com/. It was neat to have an actual conversation with my friend. Carolyn, I feel like I should send you some cash to go towards that long conversation we had. I really enjoyed it though. I never knew that when I started a blog, I would have such a great experience, make new friends, find ideas, and learn so much. I am blessed!

Have a good one!


Carolyn said...

Hi R ... again !

Wow , i am just loving your Paris banner !
So you finally took the plunge and broke into your huge ledger book !
I should have guessed that you`d do one on this theme .
I don`t think it needs anything else adding to it , it`s perfect as it is .Don`t be so anal about it !! ;o)
Less is more sometimes !
And i HAVE to try some german glass glitter .

It was great to talk to you too Rhonda , it`s your turn to ring me next time , and maybe we can beat the 2 hours we spent chatting !!

Get back in mommy mode now ....


Carolyn said...

Yes i am a qualified chef !!


Abbie said...

Oh! It's lovely! I have been dying to make banners for my girls to go over their beds. I think it came out fabulous!! It is super hard to make that first cut with old paper isn't it? I find that with the antique journals, photos and books I purchase. But once you make one cut the others always come easier!
It'd beautiful! Enjoy!

Sherry said...

I would NEVER have guessed you'd make a banner with a Paris/French theme!! LOL!! :)

It's fabulous Rhonda...really looks wonderful and the german glitter glass just pops on it!!!

Well done!!!

Kerri N said...

Hi Rhonda! I love the banner. You do not need to add a thing.

Kerri N