January 2, 2008

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to you all! I hope this is your best year ever!

Over the holidays, I did my first swap, a Christmas Cracker! I have seen so many crackers since, and even more places that carry the "poppers" that I couldn't find anywhere when I needed them. This is a special New Years Greeting for Carolyn, who led the swap, as well as all of my cracker friends that participated! Sherry, I am still enjoying my goodies!

It is so cold here today in Tennessee. With the wind chill, temperatures could actually be as low as zero and below. That just doesn't happen here. I was hoping we would get a good snow, but of course that didn't happen. When you want snow, you don't get it, and when you don't want snow, you get it (sorry Abbie). We do have a warm fire going in the fireplace though. I am so thankful that we have our wood burning fire place.

So, today I must clean, tackle the mountain of laundry, and once again clean my craft room. As I mentioned to my friend Carolyn, you will notice that I never post pictures of my floor, where I usually work. It is just a mound of craziness. Maybe some of us should do a post about "My Messy Craft Room". That would probably give a lot of us a good giggle.

I am thinking about doing a serious post for once, about my life with migraines and the things that have helped me through. At least then I might be helping someone out there. Or maybe one about Apraxia of speech, which both of my daughters have. That has been a hard road as well, but luckily they both talk like crazy now. I would have loved some support during the hard times though.

Okay, off to play domestic queen. Have a fantastic day!


Mart Bright said...

Hi Rhonda!

I'm sure we've got you topped on the cold! The wiind here is vicious today, though it's sunny for once...

I'm sure lots of folks would be encouraged to learn how you cope with your migraines... because it looks like you maintain a great attitude.

I finally posted a pic on my blog... am working on some others...

xo Happy New Year!


Carolyn said...

Domestic queen ?? LOL

Thank you for my special message R ... it was sweet of you to think of me .
Where did you get the pic from ?

It`s getting colder here ,and they say we may get some snow tomorrow ! our first fall ! :o)

Hope you have some room on your floor to craft away now ...

Another day gone of the new year !
hope yours was a good one !


Sherry said...

Dear Domestic Queen..LOL...I love that!!! :)

Please do some posts on migraine...my 16 year old suffers those and we were told that as he's male he may well outgrow then with the hormones settle down. But I've love to know how you cope and what you've found that works.

I'd also be interested to know more about Apraxia of speech...I believe knowledge and knowing about things is good for all of us..awareness makes such a difference and as you said, you never know who you are helping. This is your journal and whatever you wish to talk about is your domain!

I'm sorry you're feeling the cold..it's blastedly frigid here these days...we haven't had cold winters like this in Toronto for some time so I'm really feeling it. Bundle up and stay warm Rhonda!!

I'm also laughing that the cracker poppers are now so easily found...it would be that way wouldn't it?!? Maybe you should stock up...I have a feeling Carolyn may do this one again next year!! I'm loving my bracelet...and I am itching to get back to work...I have so many projects I want to get to and you gave me so many lovelies!!!!!!!!! As my best friend said to me when she saw them..."oh she really got you right, didn't she?" YES!!!

Dolly said...

Hi Rhonda,
you signed up for My Vintage Heart Swap but did'nt send your mailing addy and blog link and style prefence!
Please send that info to me as soon as possible!

Enjoy your weekend,
Hugz, Dolly

Abbie said...

Hi Rhonda! It's OK! Our snow is actually going to melt some over the next few days. :) We might hit 45!! OOOOwwwoooo!! :) I just did the post about the paper doll... you'll have to go and peek! I think I'd have you beat on the 'messy craft room' award though.. well, its not a room, storage space? does that qualify? Your cracker swap sound like it was tons of fun!
Have a fabulous day with your girls!
:) Abbie