January 8, 2008

Great Friends

I can hardly hold my eyes open (must be from that fab party last night) but I have to play with my thoughtful gift. Today, my great friend Carolyn sent me this new banner that she had made for me. I just had to add my name and use it. I hope she doesn't mind that I added it to my blog.

To have someone take the time, to make something for you, full of things that you love, well, how can you not feel special? I feel blessed that I am lucky enough to have a person in my life that wants to do something that special for me. Thank you so much Carolyn! I love it!


Sherry said...

OMG...I said to myself when I clicked on..."ooohhh I love Rhonda's new blog banner"....and then I see Carolyn made it. I shoudl have known!!! :) It's gorgeous!!!

Carolyn said...

Hi R ...
i didn`t think you`d get it up that quick ! ;o)
Looks fanatastic don`t you think ??
Very " you " indeed R....

So glad you love it !!
Chat with ya tomorrow !! It`s getting closer girlfriend !!