January 9, 2008

Favorite French Blogs

A Petits Pas Et Librement

Agapanthe & Compagnie

Becassine au pays des maogettes

Ciel D' Ornge

Coeur de Beurre

Home Sweet Home La passion de chiner et de partager

La Maison De Peggy

P' Home d' Amour

P' Home D' Amour: Boutique de decoration en ligne

1 comment:

Anne said...

I am completely found of your blog! It's very nice, and your etsy shop...!! Do you ship to France. I know your blog cause I can see in my statistics that I'm in your favorite french blogs! Thank you so much, now you are in mine.
I also have another blog, french written always, maybe it's gonna fits you: http://rosetearoom.canalblog.com , I m'gonna make a post on it about your shop and blog I think. You don't want to sell to french shop, cause maybe I can send some of your products in P'Home d'Amour online shop?

See you next time