January 7, 2008

The Big Event

Today is Carolyn's Amazing Red Carpet Birthday Event! You really need to check this historical and elite event on her blog at http://magpie-pixie.blogspot.com/

This is my dress which is by Marc Bouwer. I love the neck line on this baby and I look SO much better in it then the model. Be sure to check it out in all of the tabloids!
My amazing shoes by Michael Kors.

One in the World: Judith Leiber Precious Rose is truly precious. You are looking at the one, the only (in the world) diamond and precious-gem pink rose handmade evening purse made by J.L.

Designed in the shape of rose, the body of is made with 1,016 diamonds totaling 42.56 carats, 1,169 pink sapphires and 800 tourmalines. Price? This piece of eye-candy retails for a whopping $92,000 per pop.

The House of Winston shaped an ultra-elite pair of ‘Extraordinary Diamond Drop Earrings’ festooned with two pear-shaped diamonds of 60.1 carats fixed in a platinum form. The pricey pair of earrings is retailed at $8.5 million. Unfortunately they are only on loan, but I just love them still.
Nicole Kidman once wore my - L’Wren Scott - 375 carat Rough diamond cuffs manufactured by William Goldberg containing 187 diamonds. These were a gift after she was so lucky to wear them. I did tell Nicole that she could borrow them any time. I totally trust her.

Of course my date will be Brandon Flowers from the amazing band - The Killers. We all know how much I love them!
Brandon is so much fun. We have a blast together and he just has a way of making me feel so calm, which is great for an event as this.
We were all just hanging out one day enjoying the sun. Ronnie, on the left, is my drumming coach. He is fab, and has just helped me so much in my quest for learning to play. Dave is on the right, and when he is on the stage, watch out, he is a god on the guitar.

This is a picture that I took at their concert in September. Brandon was on a roll that night and just kicked ass!

Here's the whole band trying to show me how great they would look for Carolyn's party. It was really hard to choose one guy for the this great bash, but Brandon finally won. I let them all know to wait until after we arrived on the red carpet (must get those fab pics) and then they could meet us after. I do have a reputation to keep. How would it look if I showed up with four handsome men?

Here is Carolyn's first gift. The natural pearl together with Cartier’s diamond necklace once given to the Duke of Windsor by Queen Mary. Containing 28 natural pearls.
Also, this 75 Carat Royal Asscher Diamond Platinum Necklace. Actually, I think this would look great on Carolyn for just everyday events, even with a pair of jeans. She can so get away with that!

Go on in Carolyn! I know how much you love Laura Ashley, the store is yours. Whatever you want is yours, and there is no price limit. Shop away dear!

I thought it would be nice to let you shop on Stampington & Companies web site. I am sure with your date, you will be very tired tomorrow. Just log on whenever you like and again, there is no limit baby! They are expecting your order and they already have my credit card information, so go to town!

This is your final gift. Wentworth Miller from " Prison Break ". He called me in tears because he wasn't your first choice. I told him that I know how dear he is to you and that he would see you soon. When you are tired of John, just send him on back and Wentworth will take care of you!

I hope that you are enjoying this special day. We are all so blessed that you were brought into this world and have had the impact on our lives that you have.

Thank you for inviting me, you always have the best parties! They will be talking about this one for years to come!



Sherry said...

Rhonda!! I missed your entrance..I was in the ladies...I've had so much champagne!!

I love your gown and your jewels...your date is as hot as the jewels!!

You have really gifted our Carolyn well...she will feel pampered and spoiled...as she should on her "day".

Enjoy the rest of the partay...I heard another cork pop...I need a refill!! ;)

Carolyn said...

Hey Rhonda !!

I am here at last - hope i`m not too late !! ;o)

How simply gorgeous does Brandon look then ?? Mmm M mm !! ;o)

You are too generous with your gifts my dear friend !
WOW what can i say ! ;o)

AND some retail therapy to boot as well ! Can`t wait to do that !! ;o)

If i had the spare cash i would buy you those earrings !! Awesome they are !

As for Wentworth - i`m with him now ... don`t fret ! He`s one happy man now !! ;o)
Johns on his way to you for a dance .

A great post R ....



Kari & Kijsa said...

Wow...we just came from Carolyn's party and everyone looks so fabulous....you topped them all dear friend with that little pink diamond bit of fabulocity....


kari & kijsa

PEA said...

Hello Rhonda...so wonderful to meet you:-) Isn't Carolyn's party just the very BEST??!! I absolutely love your dress and that purse...oh my, you're lucky you saw it first or I would have had to buy it, it would have gone fabulously with my dress! hehe I've been kept on the dance floor most of the day but who can say no to all these handsome men! By the way, have you seen Brad Pitt anywhere?? I need to tell him something:-) hehe xox

Carolyn said...

Have to go to bed R ...
Keep up the partying for me dahling !

Chat later friend !!


Carolyn said...

HI R ..

Hope you don`t have a hangover this morning !! ;o)
I am up early , off to do some shopping ! To spend some of my birthday money !! ;o)
Let me know what time to ring you soon !
How was the cat nap with Brandon ??


Abbie said...

Ooo.. if only I wasn't trapped at home wiping drippy noses and cleaning rears.. ;) I'd love some elegance, perhaps the pilot can get me there before midnight and I turn back into a pumpkin. Ooopps, I mean maid.. :)
You look absolutely maaarrrrvelous darlin'!