December 16, 2007

The Stockings Were Hung By The Chimney With Care...

Welcome! I think that my decorating for the holidays is complete. Only 9 more days until Christmas and the stores are packed!

We have lots of animals in our family, and they love Christmas too. Our dogs are the best and I am sure Santa will bring them all sorts of new toys to chew on!
Bunny Christmas! We also have four cats, but they were not willing to put the Santa caps on. Our bunny was though. He thinks that he is a cat and hops all around the house and uses a litter box. Bunnies just don't get the credit they deserve.

A sepia picture, to show the glow of the lights and the fire. I love the new furniture set up even more with the fire going. We used to have a gas fire place, but we love wood. My husband can make the best fires!

Lights on, lights off, the clapper!

Santa collection with a crackling fire. It has gotten cold here again in Tennessee. Last week it was in the 70s, and today it was that horrible cold with a strong wind that takes your breath away. We even had some flurries of snow. I hope that we get at least one good snow this year.

A finished tree with the glow of pretty lights.

I used to use babies breath on my tree as a "filler". This is especially necessary with a real tree that begins to loose it's needles. This year, I picked up some artificial poinsettias at the dollar store, clipped off each flower and tucked it into the tree. It really made the tree complete.

More glowing lights. Sorry for so many pictures, I just love the glow all over. The room is just so cozy with the fire and all of the lights.

Our newest tradition... as some of you know from a previous blog, I treasure the ornaments from my childhood that my mother made. This is the Christmas card that she made us this year that hangs on the tree. She is a very talented artist and I will be helping her to open her own Etsy shop soon. I told her that I wanted her to do this every year. What a wonderful "ornament" to have year after year. There is a comment on the back from my parents. Now who wouldn't treasure that. I am very blessed, my parents are two of my closest friends and I love to spend the day with them both.

I also used a scallop punch and some holiday card stock to make more "fillers", shown above to the right of the flying Santa.

You can't catch me, I'm the gingerbread man!

I also have my great grandmother's Nativity. I don't' want to put it up until my girls are older, and I have a very safe spot away from my cats. It is just so fragile, but magical at the same time. I loved setting it up when I was little, and would stare at it for hours. The Nativity above is on a very old clock that my father passed onto me from his side of the family. It is from Germany and one of my prized possessions.

I hope that you enjoyed your visit. May you have a Joyous Holiday Season and the Greatest New Year's ever. God bless!


Carolyn said...

Rhonda ,
Your dogs are beautiful , not to mention the bunny wabbit !! :o)

Your fire looks so inviting , and no we shouldn`t forget the true meaning of christmas ... i think it now is too commercialised .
The clock looks a real treasure to keep , to pass onto your children .. i hope they`ll appreciate it like what you do now .

Happy Christmas to you all my friend ,

btw , Johns a little tired still - he`s still in my bed , so he maybe late ! :o)

Jul said...

Love-love-love how you decorate!! Thanks for visiting my house :)

KarenHarveyCox said...

I just love your Christmas tree and the warm an cozy feeling of your home. Merry Christmas, Karen

Crooked Eyebrow said...

I love your santa collection!
Thanks for the tour, it was quite lovely!

Hootin' Anni said...

Cute! Love the bunny Christmas.

I have a slide show for my tour.
I hope you can get connected to view with me, if not, I have a few thumbnail images on my regular blog too.---

My Slide Show Tour

~*~ Jennifer ~*~ said...

Santa Bunnies... one of a kind, I'll admit!!

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. I'm thankful!

I think my favorite is the nativity scene in the last photo. Beautiful!!

Thank you for sharing. Merry Christmas.

Miss G said...

I really like your mantle with all of those Santas! It looks great!! Kelly

Jenni said...

Your home is cozy and Christmassy! TFS!

Sherry said...

Rhonda, your home is decorated so beautifully and there is nothing like the lights, a fire and some candle glow to set the atmosphere and the mood. I love that you have the animals involved (and laughed that the cats won't let you put the hats on them!!). Your mother truly is a gifted artist and you'll be sure to let us all know when her etsy shop is up and running!!! A close bond with family is important and I'm glad that you and your parents share one.

Great idea by the way about baby's breath as a filler and using the pointsettia leaves instead...I need something for my real tree and that might just be the thing!

wanderlustandpixiedust said...

Love all your fur babies Rhonda! I just love doggies Would love to have a bunny too. Your new banner is lovely. Makes me want to go run off somewhere, anywhere, something fierce!

ellen b. said...

Thanks for the tour and I love pictures so thanks for posting them all! Blessings...

mammacheryl said...

I loved your tree fillers. Very inventive. Thanks for joining the tour! Merry Christmas.

Southern Heart said...

What a lovely and welcoming home! I love all of the personal touches, and your nativity is so pretty. The furbabies are adorable, too!

Merry Christmas,


E said...

Your dogs and bunny are a hoot! I love the santa caps. It's always nice to visit the home of a fellow Tennessean. Thanks for the tour!

Nancy said...

I love the glow-and you can never have too many pix! Thanks for letting us look into your home-it's so inviting. I love your nativity scenes. I am hoping for some more pieces for my set this year.
Happy Holidays.

Susie Q said...

I LOVE your fur babies!! What fun!
Give each of them a kiss from me!

Your Nativity is so pretty...

You can never have too many pictures...never! And I love the glow! Please do come back and see me. I will re-visit you again soon! I see you are in TN. My parents were in TN for almost 30 years and all my Dad's family is there. I LOVE it...

Your home is so pretty. Thanks for sharing it with me!


Have a sweet Christmas!

~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

Cute pets, lovely decor! I especially like the bunny! :)

Gabriela said...

Hello Rhonda,
Thanks so much for visiting my blog and your kind comments! I can see that we share the love for old buildings as I do also love the Eiffel tower {hope to see it one day}. Actually I just saw the replica in Vegas! In regards of your Eiffel crown, I think it would be a lot of fun to make you one. May be you could start looking for a nice image you like. We will definitely talk more about it in the new year. Have a wonderful holiday season and all the best for 2008!

Warm regards,


Jenn said...

ohh i looove your santa collection!

Abbie said...

Hi Rhonda! Your home looks so lovely! Cozy and wonderful for the holidays! Your pakcage is on its way!

KC said...

very nice. Thanks for the tour
Merry Christmas

Senkyoshi said...

Everything is lovely! Merry Christmas!

Cherdecor said...

Thank you for inviting us in to view all your Christmas decorations. Everything looks so beautiful, warm and festive.

Dianne said...

Merry Christmas! That was an awesome tour-lots to see, including the animals looking festive. Love all your Santas.