December 4, 2007

I've Been Tagged

I was tagged by Carolyn , for the MeMeMe that`s doing the rounds in blogland .

I am very new to blogging, and didn't even know about tags, so this will be my first and then I will no longer be a "tag virgin". I hope you enjoy my first ever tag, and if you are one of the people that I have tagged, please don't get mad at me. I think this sounds fun though. It took me a while to think up words about me, but they were very obvious after I figured them out.

The rules are simple ..

Post the rules before you give your facts then ..1 . The players must use the letters from their middle name , as facts that are relevant in your life . If you do not have a middle name , you can make one up . Or one which you would have liked .2. When you are tagged you need to do a blogpost , containing your own middle name and the game facts .3. At the end of your blogpost , you need to tag a person for every letter of your middle name .As well as leaving them a comment , to let them know you have tagged them .

LAUGH - I am such a dork at times and I have a very loud laugh. I laugh daily, just burst out while thinking in my head, to be silly with my children, just start laughing like a goof - laugh when I cry, laugh when I'm happy, even laugh sometimes when I am mad. At times, during the craziest of situations, I say, "I just gotta laugh" and do just that.

However after I thought of this, and wrote it out, I thought of another "L" word that fits me well, unfortunately:

LATE - I am always friggin' late! Before I had children, I was ALWAYS on time. In fact, I was always ten minutes early. Now, I just can't get my butt out the door. No matter how prepared I make things before, no matter what time I wake up, no matter what, I am always late. I can't stand this about myself. I do get my oldest to school on time (knock on wood) even though I am always rushing out the door in my pajamas, but I don't get my youngest to preschool on time. I am late for doctor appointments, hair appointments, going out with the girls, I just can't get my act together.

YOUNG AT HEART - I definitely DO NOT act my age (which I don't care to mention). I am a seven year old trapped in a woman's body. That was definitely a plus when I was a school teacher. I read with funny voices, I will play dress up and do the silliest things. It is also a plus with my kids. I have no problem jumping on a trampoline, making faces, burping, sing crazy made up songs, dance along with whatever kid show is on, sing at the top of my lungs, just a huge goof!

NUT - Anyone that knows me would agree that this term applies to me. I am just a nutty person. I will do anything for a laugh, I call my friends and leave crazy messages just to make them laugh. Once I dressed up all crazy when a friend of mine was coming over, and did my own episode of "Cribs" when she came to the door. We laughed so hard. Again, I'm just a really silly gal.

NIGHT OWL - I have always been one to stay up late. it doesn't matter what time I have to wake in the morning, or how tired I am, can't keep my eyes open, but I am still up doing, especially after everyone goes to sleep. I can get more done when my girls are asleep for sure, and it is also a big part of my "me time". I really do stay on my computer too much at night as well, which I really must work on. And then, when I just can't do anymore, and I feel like my head will hit the pillow and I will be off to la la land, I still lay there for an hour or more because I just don't know how to turn my brain off. I actually have to count backwards from 100, which does work on occasion.

So there you go... feel free to comment, I ALWAYS like getting comments.

And now I tag, Abbie, Nicole, Val and .........


Carolyn said...

Hey Rhonda !
I`m back ! :o)

You sound a real fun person to be with !! I`ve gotta spend a day with you !
I didn`t know what to expect , but judging by our emails , i should have known ! :o)

It was great to read about you , nothing boring dear , and your girls have a great mom to be around , never a dull moment !

Hope the migranes have gone for now - could it be Johns guitar playing ? ! .... LOL

Sherry said...

I love your middle name!! And I love the words you used to describe yourself..including "nut"!!! :) That's all right with me...I'm a little squirrely myself!! LOL!!!

wanderlustandpixiedust said...

That's ok Rhonda. I forgive you for tagging me! Something fun to look forward to. I will get to it as soon as I can!