December 8, 2007

I Feel So Happy .... I Have You....

WOW! I am honored! Carolyn gave me this award. I can't believe I got it and I am just so thrilled. It means that I have fulfilled a purpose, I have brought a smile to someones face and I think that is a very important thing for us all to do. I made someone smile, I lifted someones spirits, I did some good in this world of sadness, yet still full of much happiness.

I have always tried to be the one to "kill them with kindness". I remember when I worked at the airport, car rental, during college. Man, some of those business customers were so irritated by the time they made it to my counter. And EVERYTHING was MY fault. If their flight was late, or the weather was horrible, or they bumped their toe, yep, my fault. I got to the point that I enjoyed "killing them with kindness" and I would try so hard to make them smile.

One time, I had a man flat out call me a name, and I just let it slide. I had the strength to realize it wasn't me he was mad at, it was just his day had really sucked. When he returned his car, he told me how sorry he was for acting the way he did and he thanked me for being so kind. I found, that this was often the case. He became one of my favorite customers.

I try to consider, "maybe this person has just had a bad day, a fight with a loved one, feels like crap" who knows, but we have all been guilty. I find myself with less patience more so with my kids in tow. That can be a challenge, as much of a blessing that challenge is. But, this day will be an eye opener and I will try harder to "let it slide".

So, what can you do today to put a smile on someones face? I have gained lots of smiles, laughter and people that I consider good friends just by having a blog. What a wonderful tool in this day and age, full of war and such craziness that you hear in the news.

I am thankful to God for each one of you that I have met and now consider my friend. Carolyn, you crack me up and consider this award passed back at you. You do a lot to make many smile. You have been there for me when I have been down, and I just think it would be so great if one of us was on "the other side of the pond" together listening to Duran Duran and drooling over John Taylor.

He is still a hotty after all of these years. So, I just know there are several of you out there that will enjoy this wonderful pic as well and will have a smile form upon your face. Remember to thank Carolyn!
I would also like to give this award, and this pic, to Val at I have to say that she is also one of my favorite people and has made me laugh so hard at times that I could just bust! Val, I hope things are looking up even more today. Remember how many people you have touched through your words and I look forward to continuing this journey with you. In fact, Val introduced me to Carolyn for my first swap, and I also gained a good friend. Thanks Val!
Everyone have a fantastic day, live this day to the fullest, make yourself happy first, and spread cheer to those around you. God Bless!


Carolyn said...

Ok , so i don`t know which blog to look or drool over now !!
I`m afraid we`ll have to share that sexy man !! :o)
You do get to meet some wonderful new friends on here don`t you ?
The wonders of the world wide web !

So glad to be your friend Rhonda , you rock !


Sherry said...

I think you are very deserving of this award...those who smile, spread smiles.

And thank you for identifying this musician. I saw him on Carolyn's blog too and had no idea who he is...(which means you both know now that I was not a Duran Duran fan!!).

wanderlustandpixiedust said...

Thanks Rhonda,

Now you made my day! The husband is home and I thought that I could just tuck him in safe and sound and then just merrily craft away and catch up on everything. NOT!

I agree. This is turning out to be an amazing journey for me as well. Made extra special but meeting cool people like you!

I always thought that John Taylor was a cutie but he never got me going like Adam did! I have to admit though, John still looks pretty good these days!