December 10, 2007

Feeling Festive

It is amazing how many of one thing you might have when you put them all together. I had no idea I had so many Santas, but I sure do like my collection and their grouping over my mantle. I wonder if Santa will like it and leave us more goodies.

Yesterday, we dragged, well, my wonderful husband dragged all of our tubs of Christmas decorations down. I just love to open the containers and unwrap the Christmas cheer. I love seeing the decorations that I forgot that I had and I especially love seeing the ones given to me by my former students. It is a nice little reminder of them and my teaching days that now my own girls can enjoy. I also like finding the ornaments that my own children made. They will always be a treasure for me.

I still have a few more Santas to add to the bunch, and I just feel like a little kid while scattering cheer throughout my home. The girls were just so excited. We put their artificial tree up in the den last night and let them go crazy with all of the soft decorations. I have packed the glass ones up for now until they are older and the cats aren't as attracted to them.

The girls are at the perfect age. It is all so magical again and they just skip around and sing Christmas songs. I find myself turning the "Sounds of the Season" channel on and listening to Christmas music all day. I want to savor every single day of this season, and enjoy it while the girls are still young.

I really like the tiny Santa on the right, all in red holding a little deer. It is just so precious and makes me feel warm inside.

HO! HO! HO! My husband found this huge Santa a couple of years ago. Love those after the holiday sales!

This afternoon, we are going to go and pick our real Christmas tree. This year, it will go in the living room and not the den, which last year at this time was a huge formal living/dining room. My husband made it into two rooms, den and HUGE laundry room for me. I am too domestic, because I love that room, even though it remains a mess. At least I can shut the door. LOL

Enjoy my Santa pictures. Maybe you have a collection that you didn't even realize you had. If so, let me know if I inspired you and what you found.

Merry Christmas


Abbie said...

Hi Rhonda!
You were picked by my hubby for the craft basket of goodies!! :) I love Santas too! You have a fabulous collection.. dometimes I wish I could keep them out all year. They make the kids so happy!

Rhondamum said...

Yippee! I am so excited - THANK YOU! I hope I can make something with my goodies that will make you proud. I am soon going to venture into the button icicles and hope that I can perfect this tecnique.

So good to hear from you. Please give your family my best.

Carolyn said...

Hey Rhonda !

Santa overload or what !! LOL

No really , they all look equally cute around your home . Your own little or i must say , big santas grotto !

How about sticking a pic of John on the from of one ` em !

Can`t wait to see your tree trimmed up !

I just got mine yesterday


Sherry said...

Love your Santas Rhonda! I have Santas as well but my collection is nowhere near as vast as yours. I am like you getting everything out and remembering what I have...sometimes I forget I have that "special" something!

Tara said...

Hi Rhonda

Happened upon your blog today--thanks for sharing! Truly try to enjoy all you can, we have a son who just started college...and a six year old...and it seems like ysterday my son was the age of my daughter! Time FLEW! Enjoy!

Sherry said...

Rhonda..drop in at Esprit today..I've tagged you with a meme!