November 9, 2007

I love a cool find .........

Found these cool dominoes at one of my favorite local shops .... These cards are just too cool. I love their old vintage box. I plan on selling some of them in my etsy shop.
You can never have too many sheets of old vintage music............
I also got some great old cups, bowls, and shakers for my glass glitter. I will post some pics once I get them organized but if you want some for yourself check out . You can just get lost in all of her items and the way she displays them so deliciously.

I Love To Paint Signs
This is a sign that I painted on a board from an old farm house. Lots of layers and a crackle effect. I then painted the word "Paris". I just love it! My Mom thinks that I should sell it, but I can't just yet. Maybe I will make another.

I am a first time Blogger, gee can you tell? I want to get the hang of this and post my ideas, pics, etc.

I love to create! I just turned a spare bedroom into my "studio" where I can work on my projects and display all of my favorite things. I recently started selling my items on I have sold three items now and it just makes me so happy that other people like what I do. Even when others just look at my items, it makes me happy. I have a lot of ideas in my head .......

I love finding old cool things. Recently I found some old dominoes, a card game and some old sheet music. I also got some old cups, bowls and salt and pepper shakers to put some of my items in. I found some beautiful old glass glitter and I can't wait to just look at it, on display, in my "me space".

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