February 13, 2010

Beautiful Bracelets & More

Above is a picture of my starter bracelet and below are some pictures of my finished bracelet from the Marie Antoinette Mail Art Group's Round Robin Bracelet Swap. I have never done a swap like this before and it brought me into a new world of creating with beads, charms and all sorts of jewelry making supplies. I was so nervous at first, but now that I have the technique down it is easy and fun to do.

Each participant created three or more charms for each bracelet they received. Then, the bracelet was sent on to the next person.

I can't even tell you how amazed I am with the finished bracelet. It is massive and so full of charms. For me, you can never have too many charms on a charm bracelet.

I took a picture of my bracelet laying down flat so you could see each strand. I even made the bracelet so I am very proud of my efforts as well. I can't wait until we do another bracelet swap. I hope we do another one and a huge thanks to all who contributed to my beauty.

I also participated in Cassandra's Twilight Bracelet Swap. I blogged about it here Twilight Charm Bracelet Swap. With this swap I began using the soldering supplies I has purchased and left sitting until I had the nerve to use them. I'm so glad Cassandra hosted this swap because not only did I get beautiful charms and soldered pieces in return, but I learned a lot along the way.

Above is only one of the bracelets that I made with the goodies I received from the other amazing artists who participated in this swap Cassandra, Kristin, Bryanna, and Bianca. Below is the stash of goodies I have remaining to create another piece with. With the collection of charms and beads I purchased to create my items, I think I need to start using my surplus to make some goodies for my neglected Etsy shop.

My thanks again to Cassandra, Kristin, Bryanna and Bianca for making this such a fun swap! I will be sure to post a picture of the next item I make with my remaining beads and charms.

Remember to take a risk and try something new this weekend. You will be so glad that you did and could also make some wonderful friends along the way!


Terri said...

Hello Rhonda! Your bracelet came out fabulous! Wow is it full.
Learning new stuff is one of the best parts of joining a swap. I would love to learn to solder, but I am a scairty cat!
Have you been by my blog yet to have a chance at winning my valentine bracelet???
Happy Valentines Day!

Cassandra said...

WOW how lovely! Your Marie bracelet turned out so beautiful, and I LOVE your Twilight bracelet too. It turned out so good. Only about 5 months until Eclipse lol. :)

xox Cassandra

Tristan Robin said...

That is so beautiful! I'm trying to learn how to solder so I can add jewelry-like things to my theatres without actually buying jewelry LOL.

I love how full and lavish and extravagant yours is - just fab!

Kathy said...

Now THAT is what I call BLING! So pretty.