November 10, 2009

Twilight Charm Swap

I couldn't control myself when it came to making charms for Cassandra's Twilight Charm Swap. Each participant was to make 30 charms, send them in to Cassandra, who will then send us each 30 charms back. Well, I made a few more then that, lol.

These are my first soldered charms. I finally learned how to do this. The Simply Soldered DVD is great and really helped a lot. And my husband totally hooked me up for my birthday this past Saturday. He got different tips and tools for me and this awesome "thing-a-ma-gig" that holds my items while I solder. It was a lot of fun and oddly, I love the smell of it. I can't wait to make even more soldered items.

Each soldered charm is double sided and I hope the other participants like them. There are five of us in all, so I made two for each gal.

As soon as I signed up for this swap I went bonkers seeking out beads, crystals and charms to use. Above are some beaded charms that I made. I like making little dangles to capture the light.

Above are the other charms that I made, one for each gal. Most of them have an extra crystal hanging from them. And for those of you that are fans of the Twilight series, I am sure that you know the meaning of each charm.

I packed each gal's charms up with tissue and vintage ledger pages from the 1800's. If only I had some from 1901, or better yet June 20, 1901. That would have been too cool (Edward's birthday)!
I hope everyone likes the charms that I made for them and a huge thanks to Cassandra for hosting this fun swap. I can't wait until I get my charms back and can make my bracelet. And I really can't wait to see New Moon.
Like I told all of the participants, hope these charms put a smile on your face and Edward on your neck!


Cassandra said...

Rhonda these are amazing! I hope that you enjoyed your bday! Thanks so much for playing!

xoxox Cassandra

Kathy said...

Did you get a new header again? Love this...
Ok, well I never got into the Twilight thing...but the packages are FAB! Love the ledger paper and the red ribbon. So pretty...just sayin
Hugs and Boos~

Anonymous said...

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Holly Moore said...

Clever wrapping! I love that!!